UNC-Chapel Hill EXSS 181 - Final Exam Study Guide (11 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Study Guide
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Exss 181 - SPORT PSYCHOLOGY Lecture 3
SPORT PSYCHOLOGY Lecture 3 Documents

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EXSS 181 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Majority of exam is from section 3 but look back over sections 1 and 2 from first 2 exams to make sure you understand broad topics Intro to Sport Sociology Sociology study of social life including all forms of social interaction and relationships Sport sociology subdiscipline of sociology that studies sports as parts of social and cultural life Differences between Sport Sociology and Sport Psychology Sociologyo How outside environment affects individuals and groups o group experiences o formation of social arrangements that enable control and give life meaning o reality outside and around individuals o actions and relationships in terms of social conditions and cultural contexts in which ppl live their lives Sport Psychologyo Look at individual and work way out o Individual experiences o Interpersonal dynamic and social influence from individual perspective o Attributes or processes inside individuals o Motivation perception cognition attitudes personality etc Both care about individual outcomes Why study Sport Sociology o Sports are given special meaning in people s lives and are tied to imp Ideas and beliefs in many cultures ideologies o Ideology conscious and unconscious ways we come to know about our prescribe meaning to things o Sports are connected to major spheres of social life like family education media and politics Ex sports and politics tied through things like title 9 steroid use derogatory franchise names o Sports tied to education a lot in US with college athletes and younger school athletes can be ticket to better life with scholarships and professionals Some key questions in sport sociology o Why have sports in certain societies been created organized certain ways o How do sports and sport participation affect our ideas about things like our bodies masculinity social class race etc o How are the meaning purpose and org of sports connected with the culture org and resources in societies o How can ppl use

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