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UNC-Chapel Hill ANTH 145 - ANTH 145 Group Project 2

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ANTH 145 Intro to World Prehistory, Fall 2022Group Presentation 2, Peer Assessment, and Essay 2: Prehistoric and Modern ViolenceGroup Presentation 1Due Date: To be presented in Recitation Sections, Week 14, Nov. 14Two groups of 4 or 5 students will make a presentation in favor or opposed to the proposition: “Today we live in the most peaceful time in our species’ existence.”- One group will argue in favor of this proposition, and the other group will argue against it. - Presentations must be not less than 15 minute and not more than 18 minutes. When 18 minutes has been reached, the TA will end the presentation, whether or notthe presentation is finished. - Every member of the group must contribute to the presentation.- However, groups are encouraged to bring in other sources, such as books, articles, video clips, audio recordings, or webpages. - Groups can use the classroom audiovisual equipment, which includes desktop computer with internet, laptop hookup, document cam, and projector. - Creativity in presentation is encouraged. Groups must use the following sources:• On the Decline of War by Stephen Pinker (pdf posted on Readings for Rec Sec and Essay 2 Readings/Resources/Sakai)• Chapter 6 in The Fifth Begin by Robert Kelley• The Prehistory of Warfare by Jonathan Haas & Matthew Piscitelli (pdf posted on Readings for Rec Sec and Essay 2 Readings/Resources/Sakai)• Steven Pinker is Wrong about Violence and War by John Gray(• A History of Violence by Steven Pinker at TEDxNewEngland, 2012. YouTube: -Groups may use other sources. Total Points = 50, out of 1,000 for the class(1) 10 points Organization and clarity of presentation. Was the presentation clear and concise? Was it well organized? (2) 10 points Did the groups complete their presentation in 15 to 16 minutes? (3) 20 points Evaluation and argumentation. Did the group present a sound argument based on specific evidence? Were the conclusions well-reasoned and clearly expressed? (4) 10 points Overall quality of the presentation, including creativity and use of independent thinking beyond the readings. Peer Assessment110 points, out of 50 points for Recitation ParticipationDuring the Recitation Section, all students will write a short assessment of both presentations. Students in each group also will write assessments of the other presentation. The assessment assignment will be on Sakai/Assignments. Assessments must be submitted by the end of the Recitation Sections. Assessments completed after the class will not be accepted. Each assessment will be graded by TAs with 10 points as the maximum score. Essay 2: Due Date: 11:55 PM, Oct. 28th- Please upload your essay to the Assignment section of Sakai.-Submit the assignment as a Word document; no PDFs.-Include your last name, class, and Essay 1 in the file name, e.g., Smith_Anth145_Essay_2. -Include your name at the top of your essays.- Points will be deducted if you fail to follow these instructions. - Late essays will not be accepted without an extension from Professor Billman. After the presentations, all students will write a short 5-page essay evaluating the arguments for and against the proposition that violence has declined and that we live in the most peaceful time in our species’ existence. The essay should summarize the arguments for and against and present your opinion on the issue. You should use the articles and videos as well as the group presentations. The essay must be:- No more than 5 double-spaced pages of text, not including bibliography;- Use a 12-point font;- 1.25-inch margins; and- Include a bibliography of references cited in the text. - You can use any format for the bibliography. - In the text, please cite sources for facts or interpretations that aren’t yours, for example (Haas and Piscitelli 2013, p 3; Group Presentation in Opposed to Proposition; Pinker, YouTube Video; Billman, Lecture 17).- NO COVER PAGE pleaseTotal Points = 50, out of 1,000 for the class(1) 10 points Sentence structure, grammar, spelling, formatting, citations, and number of typos. Also includes the instructions listed in the bullet points. (2) 10 points Organization and clarity of presentation. Is the writing clear and concise, and is the essay well organized? Does the paper have a good introduction and conclusion? (3) 10 points Thoroughness and accuracy. Did the student get the facts right? Has the student covered the subject thoroughly? 2(4) 15 points Evaluation and argumentation. Does the student present a logical argument based on specific evidence? Are the conclusions well reasoned and clearly expressed? (5) 5 points Does the essay demonstrate independent thinking, rather than just reporting other people’s ideas? Grading of Essay 1A+ Excellent paper that demonstrates a mastery of the subject and writing. A Excellent paper with only minor problems, such as mechanical errors or typos.B Good paper but has some limitations. C Problems with writing and organization, doesn’t cover the question thoroughly, or has significant factual errors.D Major problems with writing, doesn’t cover the subject, no conclusion or introduction, poorly organized.

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