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Antebellum Reform Movements 10 27 2011 Characteristics of Reform Movements Variety Every problem has a reform movement Fears that motivate reformers Population growth changes growing quickly Growth of cities urban areas more crime vice and poverty Politics Officials who were appalled at Jackson as president Hopes Second Great Awakening beliefs that you can become perfect Change over time 3 stages of reform Moral suasion pre 1830 first approach to reform Willing to accept slow gradual improvement over time No compromise with win post 1830 get rid of all sin in your life Legal coercion post 1850 Temperance The problem People drink a lot Alcohol was a part of everyday life Early reform strategies Drunkenness not drinking is problematic pre 1830 o Dr Rush s Moral Thermometer 1790s Later reform strategies Total abstinence post 1830 The Drunkard s Progress from the first glass to the grave The Pledge total abstinence pledge publicly to never drink again Even later reform strategies Legal prohibition o Maine Laws 1850s 10 27 2011 A lot of crime associated with urbanization riots Caused by bad environments Reform strategies Keep criminals away from bad influences Teach good character repentance Eastern State Penitentiary 1829 The Tread Mill invented for prison discipline Prisons The problem Examples Abolition The problem Slavery legal and growing No one cares however Reform strategies colonies No compromise 1830s Colonization 1810 20s sending slaves back to Africa creating

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UCF AMH 2010 - Antebellum Reform Movements

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