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PSYCH 092 – DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY ! SPRING 2022 FULLY ONLINE ! Late-Start, Short-Term 03/28 ! 05/27/22 INSTRUCTOR: Leslie Williams E-Mail: Through Canvas or [email protected] REG I.D.# 112436, section 209; Reg. I.D. #112474, section 210; and Reg. I.D. #112484, section 211 OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday evenings on Zoom at 8:00 p.m. and by appointment on Zoom: https://sjeccd-edu.zoom.us/j/2630781210 REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: DEVELOPMENT THROUGH THE LIFESPAN Author: Laura E. Berk; 2018; Seventh Edition; Pearson, ISBN 13:978-0-13-441969-5 Note: You may purchase an older edition of the text (6th edition), but be advised that you will be tested on material covered in the 7th edition; most but not quite all of the material that you will be tested on is covered in earlier editions. You can purchase the textbook or rent it through the EVC campus bookstore or through Pearson.com or Amazon (or other online retailer). COURSE OVERVIEW: This course is an introduction to developmental psychology. Human development is traced from conception through death and dying. The biological, cognitive, psychological, social and cultural factors affecting development and the integration and interactions of these factors throughout the lifespan of human beings will be studied. The dynamic interrelationship of these factors to the uniqueness of, and differences between, individuals will also be considered. Development tasks and potential developmental crises in the contemporary multicultural society are identified for each age group. STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: 1. Describe the basic similarities in human development throughout the lifespan. 2. Discuss the nature and origin of individual differences throughout the lifespan. 3. Examine how genetic and environmental factors affect the process of development. 4. Describe the stages of physical growth and change as reflected in the stages of psychomotor development and relative to nutritional needs, sexuality, and health issues. 5. Describe the course of cognitive development and compare various theoretical approaches to human thinking, memory, and intelligence. 6. Describe the stages of psychological development by comparing various theories of personality development.7. Identify the key relationships of the lifespan within the context of the social and physical environment. 8. Analyze the potential crises of each of the stages of human development relative to specific developmental tasks and characteristics. 9. Identify aspects of the course content, and discuss how they apply to one’s own life situations by examining past experiences and potential future decisions. 10. Utilize knowledge of developmental tasks, individual needs and abilities, and community resources to assist oneself and others to reach maximum potential across the lifespan. IMPORTANT DATES: The last day to DROP without a “W”!is Thursday, April 7, 2022. The last day to ADD this course is Thursday, April 7, 2022. The last date to DROP WITH A "W”!is Thursday, May 12, 2022. FAILURE to drop this course if you are not participating could result in a grade of “F”. I cannot drop you; you MUST do this yourself. PARTICIPATION IN DISCUSSIONS: YOUR ACTIVE PARTICIPATION through discussions is expected, wanted, and valued. In our online discussions, we will explore personality characteristics, family and cultural considerations and pressures, as well as strengths and challenges of personal development. Personal information may be disclosed as part of this meaningful process. It is understood by everyone enrolled in this course that whatever is revealed in our online discussions is not to be shared with other individuals, thereby ensuring an open, honest, and confidential exchange of ideas, opinions, thoughts, and feelings. STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: If you have a verified disability and a copy of your Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP), please turn in your AAP to me through email as soon as possible, if you wish to utilize your accommodations. TESTS Each test (there are three) will consist of multiple-choice questions that are based on material from the textbook. The tests will consist of material that I MAY have lectured on in very brief lecture videos, and WILL ALSO include material I have NOT covered in the lectures, but is included in the textbook. I do NOT lecture on every single subject in the textbook; there simply is not enough time. You are expected to know the material in the textbook. The tests will be taken online in Canvas. The tests are NOT cumulative. Each test will cover the chapters delineated in the modules and the schedule at the end of this syllabus. VIDEOS There are several videos that I want you to watch that either supplement the textbook and/or are just interesting! Some of them relate to the discussion topics. DISCUSSIONSThere are 6 discussions in this late-start course. You will be given one week to complete your responses within Canvas before the next discussion opens up. Most of the discussions ask for your opinion. There is one discussion that requires you to respond to at least two other students# responses. Title 5 requires that for fully online courses, I not only have frequent contact with you (this is accomplished through discussions), but that you have some contact with other students (also accomplished through discussions/responses). I do NOT require additional responses or comments on other students# postings for the other discussions; just one. You are welcome to comment on other responses, but only one discussion requires it (you choose which discussion topic you want to respond to other students# responses). STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS IN THIS CLASS: I highly recommend that you read the chapters! Reading ahead primes your brain, getting you ready to be an active learner during optional Zoom study sessions, and prepares you for meaningful discussions. Reading ahead also allows you to think of questions you may want to ask during a tutoring session. The textbook is worthwhile, and it is expensive. You can purchase or rent the textbook. If you are unable to purchase the textbook, the alternatives are: 1) renting it (through the bookstore or online), 2) purchasing an electronic copy of the text (both of these options are much cheaper). If you are a Psychology major and plan to continue your pursuit of both undergraduate and graduate studies in psychology, I suggest purchasing the textbook. You will most likely refer to it again and again over

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