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1Raven CharlesHIS 120March 23 , 2022Religion and Social Order happen in everyday life. Religion allows people to seethemselves and open up regarding whom they believe in. It provides you a good opportunity tobe able to have powerful socialization together with your people. Religion gives you a group ofguidelines to be happy with whom you believe in and why. Whereas social order gives you achance to be attached to your people and has a strong sense of happiness with them. Also, socialorder is responsible for the oppression that it produces. Containing both of these gives people aset of basic instructions to follow. Meaning, If you are Christian you can't have sex till you aremarried. It says in the bible “ that God created sex to be enjoyed within the boundaries of acovenant relationship between one man and one woman in marriage.” People follow these sets ofrules because they believe in God and it gives them the understanding that you will live happierif you follow these rules. As you may know, this religion and social order have been going on foryears, from Ancient China when they had oracle bones, Mesopotamia the two rivers, and KingAshoka influencing Buddhism.In the Shang dynasty years in Ancient China, they used oracle bones to navigate theirsurroundings and be able to tell them where to travel and so forth. Many people used them as aresult of it creating vital decisions for their entire society. Essentially using a prophet pressing ahot rod into a bone allowed them to access new artifacts that they didn’t recognize that theycould. It allowed them to speak with their ancestors and do their deities. As you will know theycouldn’t try this without the assistance of Di. He was the one who got their information for them.He basically offered assistance to those seeking his guidance and help with anything they2needed. Di was a very respected figure to the Shang people additionally as an important figure inwar andMesopotamia is separated from two rivers Tigris and Euphrates. The area ofMesopotamia was governed by priests, kings, and leaders, but being the land between two rivers,it was prolific. Since they were so close to food and water it allowed for people to establish trade,most offering food in exchange for their currency called "shekels." For not having this trade itwould trigger Mesopotamia to be non-dreadful. That’s when they discover cuneiform. Cuneiformis a writing system that was discovered five thousand years ago. Cuneiform became thefoundation of many other languages, basically the sparking of Mesopotamia. As you may know,Sumerians were the first to use cuneiform, with its wedge-shaped writing and its clay tablet.Mesopotamians believed that the temples connected to heaven and earth. As you may know,things couldn’t continue without a ruler, and that was Hammurabi, who brought very successfulactions towards Babylon. While he was being a ruler he created very successful codes for hiscivilization.Buddhism which was brought along by King Ashoka for his new expectations of life.Asoka was India's great emperor of the Mauryan Dynasty of India who ruled from 268-232 BC.He became the Mauryan Dynasty by killing his brothers in the 2-year war of Succession butturned into a benevolent man after the war against Kalinga. He was the third ruler of theMauryan Dynasty. Ashoka created edicts not just for himself but for his people as well. Asoka’sedicts were found scattered all around India, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan which lead to thembeing written in many different scripts. When creating those edicts he realized that Nirvana iseternal enlightenment. Nirvana Was the term used to describe the soul being reborn into higherbeing Eightfold path and the Four Noble truths are the key to attaining Nirvana. Buddishm was3made up from Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path. Four Noble Truths where life is suffering,desire is the cause of our suffering, get rid of desire to stop suffering, there is a path away fromdesire and suffering. These Four Noble Truths each had their own meaning to them during thistime. While the Eightfold Path was the right view, intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort,mindfulness, and concentration.To sum things up, Religion and Social Order has a strong act of believing in a god oranything related to spirits. Each of these 3 sources I contained had their own ways of believingwho they believed in to have a purpose of living. It continues to grow because of how peopledeal with their own civilization and tend to socialize with their peers. Religion is all who youbelieve in and whether you believe it or not.Source -

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