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M1 notes Knowledge and Learning Development Understanding the Basics of Grant Writing o Grants are one of the main revenue source of many nonprofit orgs o Writing a solid grant is very much in demand The Proposal Writing Process 1 Instating the problem statement a Shows the problems in the moment b Highlight examples where opportunities were missed or where things could have been saved should the projects been instated by that time c Tie it into orgs strategies and vision 2 Vision 3 Benefits d Measurable 4 Deliverables e What to expect 5 Success criteria f Specific g Measurable h Achievable i Time bound 6 Deadlines Plans Approach j External vendors Internal staff 7 Cost Budget Types of Proposals o Concept Paper Letter of Intent Inquiry LOI A brief description of the need and project description that addresses the need No more than 3 pages but funders will specify their own requirements Rarely is there a budget information o Letter Proposal More detailed that LOI 4 pages but funders will provide specifications Includes additional info budget information o Full Proposal Contains all the components of a proposal Typically 5 25 pages up to 200 pages for governmental grants Proposal Components 8 Cover Letter briefly describes the project 9 Executive Summary 1 2 page summary that provides an overview of the proposal 10 Problem Statement Need Statement a compelling description of the need your proposal is addressing 11 Organizational Background a sum of your agency s qualification to carry out the proposed project 12 Goals Objectives 13 Strategies or Project Description a description of the programs services and activities that will achieve the desired results 14 Evaluation a plan for assessing programs accomplishments 15 Sustainability 16 Budget line item sum of agency s budget revenues and expenses AND a line item sum of the expenses of the proposed project with a justification of the expenses Proposal Principles o Follow the guidelines Make sure to use relevant and up to date data to demonstrate the need for the project o Proposal summary and budge are key o KISS Keep it sweet and simple o Get feedback o One size does not fit all o Plan ahead Grant seeking process typically takes 6 9 months Introduction An Overview of the Grant seeking Process Notes from Book Key players in the grant seeking process 17 Lead program staff and 5 18 Finance person k Someone who has a coherent program plan and can articulate it in steps 3 4 l Responsible for the budgetary articulation of the written proposal and anything else related to finances 19 Grant writing consultant m 20 Executive director Responsible for writing the proposal n Signs off on the pursuit of a program or project approves retaining a grantwriting consultant signs off on the final proposal Strategies for obtaining funding o Grant seeking o Giving one on one solicitation o Email fundraising o Social media strategies o Text mobile strategies o Membership drives o Workplace giving o Special events o Donor giving clubs o thons etc Categories of Support o Operating o Program o Capital or equipment o Research The Proposal Process Keys to success are general support Allows max flexibility can be used when most needed rent utilities etc temp restricted income funding that is sued to start a new program continue operating a program expand existing program or launch a time limited program o Capacity building Used for targeted to increase an org s capacity leadership management finance and fundraising program etc o Documenting an unmet community need grantseeker is position to address o Developing a clear plan for the program or operations stability growth or capital work o Research funders thoroughly o Building strong relationships with funders o Targeting proposals carefully o Writing a concise proposal o o Determine if other orgs within the community are currently attempting to address this Identify an unmet need that said org is able to address unmet need o Develop the plan to meet the need Determine whether there are potential partners or collaborators Identify potential funders and begin to create relationships o o Write proposal o Engage in strategic follow up

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UNT PADM 4220 - Understanding the Basics of Grant Writing

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