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Step 4 – Defining Clear Goals and Objectives Purpose of the Goals and Objectives Components: The "So What?" Factor • After org has stated the problems that need to be addressed, start developing solid goals • These goals will allow org and funder know whether program is successful at conclusion of grant. • Poor goals and objectives create disaster for program, org, and funders Definition of Goals and Objectives • Goals – are what the program aspires to achieve • Objective - "should clarify what changes you expect to see as a result of your work" • Every foundation is different thus it is best to review each foundations guidelines • Common terms include • Activities – work that org will undertake to achieve goals • Outcomes (accomplishments) - what will have changed • Outputs – materials or other products that program will produce • Measures of success – how org will know it has achieved its objectives Writing tip: When writing objectives, use verbs (action words) Outcome-Focused Objectives • Important to ensure objectives focus on outcomes (the change) v. the process (how the change will be made) • Outcomes answer these questions: • What will be different, improved, or better as a result of an orgs actions?" • What can be measured? • Foundations are more interested in outcomes Writing Outcomes Objectives These questions will help articulate the results org expects to accomplish • What are the key areas the org is seeking to change? • Who will be involved in the change? • How will the change be measured? And by what degree (by how much?) • When will this change take place? How many months or years , by what specific data?Are objectives SMART? • Specific • Measurable • Achievable • Relevant • Time-bound Public Funding: Goals and Objectives • Public funders provide specific goals and obj they expect grantees to meet, and applicants should state that they will meet those projected benchmarks in their goals and objectives. • May ask for goals and obj to be stated in specific format Tips for Writing Good Goals and Objectives Do • Include at least one goal for project and one or two outcome objectives • Make sure goals and obj tie back to problem statement (critical) • Include all relevant groups in target population in goals • Allow plenty of time to accomplish objectives Don't • Overpromise what can be accomplished • Confuse outcome objectives with strategies or activities • Forget to budget for evaluation activities if measuring the obj will have costs associates with it. Module 5 Goals & Objectives Mission • Primary reason for orgs existence • Broad purpose of the org • Real or probable causes: too little parental supervision, too little community supervision • Action statement - (youth vandalism in community will be eliminated) Goal – what project will achieve. Are visionary and may not be measurableObjectives – how you and funder will know project is meeting its goals Goals vs. Objectives Measures (primary differences) Goals Objectives Are broad statements Are realistic, narrow steps to achieve the goal(s) Provide focus, vision and direction Are always active and use strong action verbs Can be idealistic or intangible Concrete Answer: What? Why? Who? How? When? Can be nonspecific and not able to be measured Can be validated Don't have to be achieved or reached during the grant period Are clear to everyone with a basic knowledge Are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound Are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound Two types of objectives • Outcome objectives – focuses on the change • Process objectives – focuses on how the change will be made Measures (differences) Outcome objectives answer the following questions Process objective answer the following questions What community results do you hope to accomplish through your services? What services do you offer? What is it that your organization is striving to achieve? What is it that your organization does? What change in condition or behavior are your attempting to effect in the people you serve? Describe the service needs of your organization. Preparing Goals and Objectives • Objectives should be stated in quantifiable terms • Obj should be states in terms or outcomes or results, not processes or activities • Obj should be clearly identify the target audience or community being served • Obj should be realistic and capable of being accomplished w/in the timeframe

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UNT PADM 4220 - Defining Clear Goals and Objectives

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