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• Evaluation answers critical question for the org and the funder such as • Was program successful? • Did it accomplish what it was meant to do? • What did the org lean from this experience? • Why did it not work – and why? • Essential for org to plan how it will evaluate what it proposes to do Impact The change an org creates as a result of its program activities Leverage (multiplier effect) A method of grantmaking practiced by some founders, when they give a small amount of money to attract funding from other sources Purpose of the evaluation component o Evaluation ▪ Process that determines the impact, effectiveness, and efficiency of the program. o Must be determined prior to the implementation of the program Return of Investment (ROI) The amount of benefit (return) based on the amount of resources (funds, hours, of work) used to produce it. The Virties of Evaluation 1. Good evaluation component strengthens the proposal from the funder's perspective 2. Orgs will learn about the program's strengths and areas of weakness 3. The impact on the public a. The org has the obligation to ensure its programs are having a positive impact on the community or the target audience Internal or External Evaluation o Some foundations allow orgs to use a certain amount of money for evaluations others do not o Some orgs will conduct evaluations with confidence it will be done objectively by the staff and expertise o Others will hire an outside evaluator bc b. Lack expertise among staff c. Has the staff expertise but lack staff time to dedicate to evaluation d. Wants the eval to be deemed as objective as possible Content of the Evaluation Component o To design eval one needs to consider what the org deems as successful. o Must have a clear understanding of how the activities in the proposal will lead to the expected outcomeso Identify the aspects of the program that can be assessed on how well they worked – and why they did or didn't work. o Quantitative methods (measure or count) data. ▪ Org collects data that can be analyzed statistically. And hep org quantify how much it did • Ex. how many people did it train? o Qualitative methods ▪ Based on direct contact with the people involved with a program • Consists of interviews, observation, and personal stories told in writing and in photos, or videos Public Funding Evaluation o Vary widely depending on the funding sources, type of program being funded, and other factors. o Public funding evaluation section should be developed and/or reviews by someone with expertise in the program eval o Be sure that it ties directly to the goals, and obj and is represented in the logic model, workplans, and/or timeline. M9: Knowledge and Learning

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UNT PADM 4220 - Evaluation

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