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CHAPTER 16 REVIEW QUESTIONS When a toy manufacturer advertises a product on Saturday morning television and tell children to ask for the product at their favorite toy stores, it is implementing a _____ policy in its promotion mix Pull A push policy is characterized by Concentration of promotional efforts on the next institution down the marketing channel. A pull policy is characterized by Promotion aimed directly at consumers Organizations that sell convenience products in markets containing millions of customers are most likely to use Advertising and sales promotion. When a marketer codes meaning into a message, which of the following is not necessary? Including all possible product information An audience is best defined as Two or more receivers who decode a message HEB grocery stores want to let their customers know that the stores now offer an expanded range of service, including late hours and check cashing. In the communication process, HEB stores would be considered the Source When a decoded message differs from the coded message, A condition called noise exists. Channel capacity is determined by the Least efficient component of the communication process. Pioneer promotion attempts to stimulate _____ demand. Primary If Procter &Gamble mails coupons to selected consumers allowing the recipient to redeem the coupon for a free small container of its new chocolate-flavored peanut butter, the primary promotional objective of this campaign is most likely to be Encouraging product trial. Steve Roberts of Roberts Auto Sales states in his television commercial that his cars are “bad." Seeing this, Calvin Peters wonders why any of these cars are sold. This situation is an example of a communication problem stemming from the absence of Shared meaning Immediate feedback and knowledge of customer's needs are advantages of Personal selling Procter & Gamble's program of donating part of the purchase price of each jar of JIF peanut butter to local schools is a direct example of Cause-related marketing According to the text, advertising is A paid form of nonpersonal communication transmitted through a mass medium. Which of the following is an activity or a material that serves as a direct inducement to resellers, salespersons, or consumers? Sales promotion The state university has been running a student government blood drive for the past three years. This year the group ran radio spots announcing the drive on the student radio station. The number of people participating grew by 25 percent. This increase in participation represents the communications' Feedback Promotion can help keep product prices low if The promotion stimulates demand or fuels price competition Which of the following is a characteristic of sales promotion? It may be aimed at either final consumers or trade people. A broad set of communication efforts used to create and maintain favorable relationships between an organization and its public is Public relations Most firms with limited promotional resources use mainly personal selling because Measuring a salesperson's contribution to sales is easier than measuring the effect of advertising.As Igor is wondering what to do this weekend, an advertisement for Flemming Furniture is aired on the television station to which his set is turned. Igor never even thinks about furniture or the Flemming store during the commercial. In this instance, _____ has (have) blocked the communication process. Perceptual processes Custom Schooners, Inc. makes heavy use of the _____ element of the promotion mix because the number of valid prospects for boats costing over $200,000 is limited Personal selling Public relations can include all of the following except A paid TV advertisement According to the text, communication is best defined as A sharing of

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