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CHAPTER 17 REVIEW QUESTIONS Using the objective–and–task approach to determine an advertising budget, a marketer would Determine the objectives that the campaign should achieve and then estimate how much be spent to accomplish those objectives The kind of advertising that promotes organizational images, ideas, or political issues is Institutional advertising If an advertiser pays $25,000 for a one-page magazine advertisement and that magazine is read by 10 million people, how much is the advertiser paying to reach 1,000 people? $2.50 To determine the effectiveness of a recent advertising campaign for Coast soap, market researchers provided subjects with a list of soap brands and asked if the subjects remembered seeing advertisements for any of the listed products. This exemplifies which of the following types of advertising evaluation methods? Aided recall test Public relations are used to Create and maintain favorable relationships between an organization and its publics The target audience is The group of people at which the advertisement is aimed The first step in the development of an advertising campaign is to Identify and analyze a target market A statement that indicates a firm's current condition or position is commonly known as a Benchmark Which of the following statements about advertising objectives is false? An advertising objective should not be restricted in terms of the time needed to accomplish it If Pepto-Bismol were advertised as the "old reliable," this would exemplify which of the following categories of advertising? Reminder An advertising platform consists of The basic issues or selling points that an advertiser wants to include in a campaign Which of the following is an example of an advertising objective stated in terms of sales? Increase the firm’s market share The major disadvantages of the percent-of-sales approach for determining an advertising budget is That is based on the incorrect assumption that sales create advertising rather than that advertising creates sales The media planner's primary goal is to Formulate a media plan that allows an advertisement to reach the largest number of people in the advertising target per dollar spent When advertisers want to show textures as well as numerous details, they should use Magazines The part of an advertisement that links the headline to the body copy is the Outdoor displays When creating a television commercial, the copywriter and the artist combine the copy with the visual material through the use of a Storyboard A consumer jury consists of Consumers who will pretest an advertisement Effectiveness during a campaign is usually measured by Inquires In evaluating the effectiveness of advertising, subjects may be asked to identify advertisements that they have seen recently but are no shown any clues to stimulate their memories. This evaluation technique is known as a(n) Unaided recall testPioneer advertising Stimulates primary demand Competitive advertising Stimulates selective demand The type of advertising in which an advertiser mentions the actual names of competing brands is Comparative advertising Travis Manufacturing Company has asked its advertising agency to develop a campaign that promotes its organizational image. What kind of advertising is Travis asking for? Institutional Reinforcement advertising is focused on consumers who Already use the advertised

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