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CHAPTER 18 REVIEW QUESTIONS One major goal of the planner when routing and scheduling a salesperson is to Minimize the salesperson’s non–selling time Salespersons can be classified into three group(s) according to the functions they perform: Order getters, order takers, and support personnel Free samples are used to stimulate trail of a product to increase sales volume in which stage(s) of the product's life cycle? Early stages Items offered free or at a minimal cost as a bonus for purchasing a product are called Premiums Salespersons who facilitate the selling function but usually are involved with more than just making sales are known as Support personnel Kurt explains to Marty that if he were hired by American, his job would be to call customers who had not placed their orders by the schedule weekly cutoff time. Marty's job would be best classified as which type of selling. Inside order taker The missionary salesperson's major function is to Help the producer’s customers sell to their own customers Which of the following statements about compensation programs is most accurate? Sales compensation programs usually reimburse salespeople for their selling expenses, provide some fringe benefits, and deliver the necessary compensation level Sales compensation plans Should be designed to maintain a productive sales force In presenting the firm's new sales force compensation plan to the executive committee, the vice president of sales, Betty Patrakis, states that the need for incentives and control has led to the development of a _____________ compensation plan. Combination One major disadvantage of the straight commission compensation method is that it Gives salespeople little financial security In attempting to set the size of a territory, the sales manager should try to Create territories that have relatively similar sales potentials or that require about the same amount of work An activity or material that acts as an inducement to resellers, salespeople, or consumers by offering added value or incentive for the product is known as Sales promotion The dimensions used to measure a salesperson's performance are determined largely by Sales objectives Dickerson Foods Company is using sales promotion to motivate wholesalers and retailers to carry a new product and to market the product aggressively, what type of sales promotion is Dickerson using? Trade sales promotion Sales contest are examples of a sales promotion method aimed at Resellers Personal selling is an important marketing function because it Let’s marketers zero in on the most promising sales prospects Compared with other promotional tools, personal selling is The most precise The most expensive promotion-mix element is Personal selling Salespeople who direct much of their effort toward helping customers promote products are called Trade salespeople Bill San tells the other sales managers at Pitney Bowes that before they can identify qualified applicants, they first must develop a Job descriptionChemisell Company is in the process of training new salespeople. So far, they have been familiarized only with the products they will be selling. In what other major area should they receive training? Selling techniques and company policies Items such as outside signs, window displays, counter pieces, display racks, and self-service cartons are Point–of–purchase displays Additional compensation provided to salespeople to encourage them to push a line of goods is called Push money In the general selling process, developing a list of potential customers is called

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