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2/211. Freudian Psychoanalysis1. “Psychoanalysis is a political weapon, demonstrating the way the unconscious of patriar-chal society has structured the film form” -Mulvey, p. 592. The unconscious1. Conscious vs un conscious2. Based upon repression3. Is primarily responsible for motivation4. Misophonia - extreme annoyance at selected sounds5. Not everyone is bother by the same noise6. Almost all sounds are made by humans (eating, picking finger nails, tapping pens, breath-ing)7. People are not bothered when they make the same sound themselves8. Fred’s view of the human mind: the mental iceberg (figure)3. Lacan and the mirror stage1. At ~ 6 months old, babies see themselves in a mirror2. Disconnection between body in mirror and their own sense of self creates conflict. Ani-mosity and rivalry between the two images.3. To resolve this. We identity with the image because it is more functional than we per-ceive outsides to be. It gives rise to the ability to think of ourselves as others might.4. This process then creates the Ego, the part of out personality that is responsible for orga-nizing our instinctual desires into realistic activities.4. Pleasure in looking1. Scopophilia - “sexual pleasure derived from taking other people as objects, subjecting them to a controlling and curious gaze” - Mulvey, p. 605. Infantile Scopophilia (camera picture)1. “The first scopophilic, arises from pleasure in using another person as an object of sexual stimulation through sight…”2. Pleasure in being a voyeur, in seeing something not meant for you6. Narcissistic Scopophilia (James Bond)1. “The second, developed through narcussum and the constitution of the ego, comes from identification with the image seen” - Mutely, p. 617. Active Male/ Passive Female (iron man)1. Men push action - women stop action8. Woman as image1. The role of women in film is to be looked at1. To be the object of the fivers scopophilia2. Within the patriarchal order, women are the “other”, the empty object through which identify is constructed.3. “The determining make gaze projects its fantasy on to the female figure, which is styled accordingly” - Mulvey, p. 629. Feriahizatrion of female bodies (black widow)1. Fetishism - an object becomes a fetish when it is the focus of sexual desire2. Characterized by an excessive objectification of female body. With numerous shots of breasts, butts, hair, and legs2/2310. Revisit post-feminsin1. A term used to describe the ways in which notions of gender and sexuality have changed as a result of the feminist movement.2. Predicated on the belief that since feminism successfully pointed out cesium sun out so-ciety, feminism.11. Feature of post-feminism1. Femininity as bodily property2. Shift from objectification to subjectification3. Self-surveillance, monitoring and discipline4. Focus upon individualism,, choice, and empowerment5. Dominance of makeover / self-care paradigms6. Continued focus on sexualization7. Consumerism/commodification12. Reality Television1. Cheap to produce2. Mix of realism and scripting3. Manufactured situations designed to capture drama13. Reality TV makeover shows. 4921. These shows offer personal narratives of individuals (both men and women) as they un-dergo extensive cosmetic surgery as a way to ‘make over’ their lives2. “The surgical procedures are postponed as effective means through which one can achieve a more general life transformation”3. “Clearly and critically legitimate the increasing normalization of the cultural practice of cosmetic surgery in US culture, and transparently conflate personal fulfillment and indi-vidual achievenment with - 49214. Birdalplasty15. The paradox of choice1. “Women who choose to undergo radical surgeries are understood as victims of false con-sciousness, who are duped into conforming to cultural norms”2. “Consider that cosmetic surgery is less about beauty than about attaining some minimum level of social acceptability that can then serve as a base from which to practice the more ‘normal’ regimen of feminine beauty within contemporary US society” p. 496.16.

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