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Week 7, 3/71. Oppression and the double bind1. Oppression1. It is root if oppression is “press”, to flatten, reduce in size, squeeze, and restrain2. “Something pressed is caught between or among forces and barriers which are so re-lated to each other that jointly they restrain, restrict or prevent the thing’s motion or mobility”2. Double-bind 1. “One of the most charatentistic and ubiquitous features of the would as experienced by oppressed people is the double-bind situations in which options are reduced to a very few and all of them expire one to penalty, censure, or deprivation2. How does a double bind work1. Sexually active1. Run the risk of embarrassing attention and snide remarks: slut, whore, dumb2. Men assume sex is forthcoming, female friends scorn her for showing no restraint3. Judges risk of unwanted pregnancies and dangerous/uncomfortable contraceptives4. When raped, they are blamed for being too loose/responding to male advances2. Sexually inactive1. Run the risk of embracing attention and snide remark: frigid, bitch, tease, prude2. Face constant harassment from men for sex, female friends scorn her for being stuck up3. When raped, they are blamed for being a tease / not responding to make advances3. Working mom / stay-at-home mom4. The bitch / the doormat1. Competent, but bossy and unliked vs. well-liked, but considered incompetent.5. Attractive / unattractive1. Fulfill male standards of beauty and be seen primarily as a sex object vs. reject main-stream standards of beauty and be seen as underserving of make attention.6. Report harassment / Don’t report harassment1. Report harassment and be subject to intense scrutiny about your choices / trustworthi-ness vs. don’t report and be criticized for not doing anything about the abuse.7. D3. 2008 as a historic campaign for women1. Hillary Clinton narrowly lost to Barack Obama for the Democratic Party presidential nomination2. Sarah Palin, (R) Governor of Alaska, is selected as Vice Presidential running mate for Senator John McCain3. 66% of women voted, while only 62% of men4. Kanter’s four stereotypes of professional women1. Sex Object2. Mother3. Pet4. Iron Maiden3/95. Masculinity in politics1. John Kerry and the French “Feminine” in the 2004 presidential election6. Iraq invasion 20031. Post 9/11 American foreign policy included preemptive strike policy.2. Under the assumption that Iraq was harboring chemical, biological, and nuclear weapon capable ileitis, the US and the UK announced a plan to invade.3. The bush administration spent conferrable emerged attempting to build support for the war, both domestically and internationally.4. The Bush admin did not receive consent form the the UN,, but did from Congress, and they invaded Iraq in march, 2003, beginning a large and costly war.7. Effect of WWI on French1. France, German, and Russia had the most military casualties in WWI2. Mostly infrastructural damage was done in France’s western front, where most fighting happened.3. Economy was completely destroyed (likewise for Germany)4. By WWII, France was eager to avoid any more war (for good reason)8. French opposition to Iraq war9. The French as feminine1. “As a nation personified, France’s heterosexuality is jeopardized by a gendered discourseof weakness, submission, emasculation, and sexual deviance or objectification2. D3. D4. D5. D6. D10. George W. Bush vs. John Kerry1. In 2004, in the midst of the Iraq war, Bush was seeking re-election.2. His opponent was Democrat John Kerry, a Massachusetts Senator, and former Vietnam veteran.3. The election is a referendum on the Iraq war, with Bush supporting it and Kerry offering criticism of it.4. Bush beat Kerry by 34 electoral votes.11. Hegemonic masculinity1. Physical force and control2. Occupational achievement3. Familial patriarchy4. Frontiers manship5. Heterosexuality6. D7. D8. D9. D12. “FRENCHHIFYING” John Kerry1. Repeated references to his fluency in French, his French “friends” and relatives, and his elitist European tastes.2. Bush Secretary of Commerce said that Kerry “looked French”3. Was characterized as an indecisive, 4. D5. D6. D13. GOP ATTACK AD14. D15. DMidterm exam12 multiple choices and 2 short answer question (define, term, its example)1 essay question (500 words) - introduction, body, and

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