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State and ClassState and Race/EthnicityState and GenderNavindi Weerasinghe Exam 2 Part 3State and ClassFrom ClassWhat is “the great civic transformation”?– According to Theda Skocpol,the US has experienced a ‘’ since World War 2.As aresult,blue collar workers, (working class person who performs manual labor)are losing their jobs and new member groups start to proliferate. For example,these include organizations who have an involvement with a political charge. The GreatCivic movement was triggered due to factors like the Vietnam War, which had a very negative effect on the American government.People in Aerica started believing n deception after the Vietnamese war.American culture became more and more self focused.From the Reading (Domhoff)How do the “power elite” exercise influence in the political realm?The power elite are referred to as the wealthiest of all people.They affect people around them inmany ways.This small percentage of the population influences politics to a great extend.• Special Interest Process• Policy Planning Process• Candidate Selection Process• Ideology ProcessState and Race/EthnicityFrom ClassWhat is institutional discrimination?In day to day life, the institutions of society may function in such a way that they produce unequal outcomes for different groups. It is an unfair, indirect methods of treatment of individuals that are embedded in the operating.procedures, policies, laws or objectives of large organizations.Usually institutional bias targets specific, easily stereotyped and generalizable attributes of individuals, such as race and.gender.1Navindi Weerasinghe Exam 2 Part 3– Institutionalized discrimination often exists within governments, though it can also occur in any other type of social.institution.including religion, education and.marriage.– A prime example of institutionalized discrimination would be the.achievement gap.in education. This concept is global as many countries around the world.practice.some form of institutionalized discrimination. For example, in some countries women cannot vote, drive or work certain jobs.– A good example would be that housing in the United States is valued differently based on the racial makeup of the neighborhood. There can be two identical houses, by factorslike amenities and size, but the assessed value of each house can depend on the racial makeup of the people within the.community. Homeowners therefore have an incentive toprevent.minorities.from moving into white.neighborhoods. Institutionalized discrimination within the housing market also includes practices like redlining and mortgage discrimination.Many countries around the world exhibit some form of institutionalized discrimination, such as Saudi Arabia where women and other oppressed groups cannot participate in some religious activities, and can neither vote nor work in government.State and GenderFrom ClassExplain the two “gaps” between men and women. Confidence gap-The candidate should be sure of the position.You need abundance of confidence and that desire to earn something worth it for yourself.The candidate should be positive about the position and should look sure in what they are doing.Ifnot,there is a high tendancy of others trying to take advantage of the candidateIn reference to the question,men are generally referred to have high self esteem than women.Generally,people will not like to elect a person who does not have faith in themselves..Atrait of a self confidence candidate is that he/she never questions themselves in public;which can be seen more likely in males than females.The stereotype is that women are most likely to ask questions and be more skeptical about their decisions.This effect can be clearly seen when they say “I feel that/I think that…”Credit gap-2Navindi Weerasinghe Exam 2 Part 3Men demand more confidence for their achievement,compared to women.Comparatively women do negotiate for high wages,but they usually appear on someone elsesbehalf.In it common that a man is seen given more credit for getting a job done than a woman getting the same job doneAs a result,we can say that Men are given more prestige,powerand dominance over women due to the Credit gap.From the Reading (Falk)Explain one of the three main stereotypes used in the media to suggest women should not run for president.Women are seen as incompetent. There is a notion that women are not able to handle the duties obliged of a woman and general office work at the same time.One reason is because women are not effective at handling crises. In light of the text, a reporter asks the audience to imagine a woman handling a crisis like the one involving cuba,which was dealt by John F Kennedy.Falk uses another example where she states that a man would feel prejudiced if a woman is elected as president.The stereotype is that women are not qualified for the higher office and if elected as president,a woman would have to be backed up by support and advice from the men that are in high executive

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