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Religion and ClassReligion and Race/EthnicityWhat is civil religion?Religion and GenderNavindi Weerasinghe Exam 1-Part 1Religion and ClassFrom ClassWhat are the main functions of religion?– Explains life– Espouses certain norms and values– Builds solidarity– Offers comfort and security- a sense of community that is essential for people to get along with.According to Karl Marx, how does industrial production relate to religion?– Marx feared that religion is an alienation that can in turn be used to justify alienation that can be used to justify subjugation .Marx has a different perception of what makes us human beings.– Today religion in the US sees trends toward individual solutions and wealth attainment.– Jewish has the highest percentage of people earning more than 100,000 dollars in the US population.According to Max Weber, what is the relationship between religion and capitalism in America? – Capitalism(is a study of the relationship between the ethics of ascetic Protestantism and the emergence of the spirit of modern capitalism. Weber argues that the religious ideas of groups such as the Calvinists played a role in creating the capitalistic spirit.(From the Reading (Lapham)– Why does he say capitalism is a secular religion?– Our modern economy needs faith.Human beings need to engage in whatever they do ona daily basis so that there are not out of date.And If you do not do this you become alienated from society.Thus,Capitalism is a sort of secular religion .Lapham says that Money replaces God– The value society regards you depends on how wealthy you are. We value ourselves depending on the amount of money others will pay for our labor.–1Navindi Weerasinghe Exam 1-Part 1Religion and Race/EthnicityFrom ClassWhat is civil religion?What is civil religion? . Vague/Inclusive Encouraging of good citizenshipIntolerant of intolerancee.g.:- “IN GOD WE TRUST”No specific theology– The religious values of a nation, as expressed through public rituals and practices, symbols (such as the national flag) and ceremonies on sacred days such as Independence day or Thanksgiving and at sacred places (such as monuments, battlefields or national cemeteries). – It stands outside the churches, although church officials and ceremonies are sometimes incorporated into the practice of civil religion– Civil religion is about more than just the mingling of politics and religion. – Civil religion means that ideas beyond the traditional religious realm become elevated as sacred. As with traditional religious beliefs, these ideals can serve to unite people and help us feel a sense of connection.From the Reading (Williams)What is liberalism?– Is described as society as an aggregation of rational individuals. It is like capitalism which involves our own self-interest which leads to public goal.–– How does he relate the immigration debate to religion?– 1.4 million Unauthorized immigrants enter every year.Therefore they directly or indirectly cause a lot of damage to the religious infrastructure if America.– DISADVANTAGES OF IMMIGRANTS COMING TO THE COUNTRY– -Spreading disease -Getting involved in drugs-Degrading culture2Navindi Weerasinghe Exam 1-Part 1Religion and GenderFrom ClassWhat do you think will be the future role of women in religious institutions in your home country?– In Sri Lanka, there is a decrease of women taking over religious roles for many reasons.The stereotype is such that women who are normally widowed or separated are usually seen taking these roles.Politicics have greatly intereferd into the spiritual surroundings of the temple thus causing favorationsinterms of money and power.The youth of Sri Lanka also do not seem to be very happy giving up marriage and their children these days,they would rather chose to live as a single mother.From the Reading (Momen)How has the status of women in religion changed over time?- There are a higher percentage of women theologically more on the liberal side.- Women have many restrictions when it comes to religion.- For example they cannot be head clergy they cannot preach at main worship services Hold all volunteer positions that men can hold Serve on main governing boards Teach a class of Adult men–– Explain the concepts of social and moral oppression as they relate to women andreligion (two points).- Moral oppression Women are easily seen as figures that tempt someone to do something. Women are totally vulnerable- Social Oppression Denied access to learning. Women have limited opportunities compared with men. Beinga woman you are not allowed to do everything a man can do. At least you can be disregarded and you may appear out of the ordinary if you do something a man does. A woman’s primary duty is to concentrate on household duties and manage all household needs effectively. Therefore female are not seen by society as people who can involved in religious activities.3Navindi Weerasinghe Exam 1-Part

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