UOPX HCS 490 - Technologically Based Communication Modalities

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DQ2, Week 3:What effects or potential effects do technologically based communication modalities—between patients and health care providers and between health care providers only—have on health care costs? Please provide at least one peer-reviewed reference in order to receive credit forthis DQ. Remember to use quotes where appropriate to distinguish between your words and those of the person you are citing.The ability to have access to a 24 hour health care facility has initial start up costs and longer term costs in maintaining a system to keep data secure and for a longer time period. The impact to health care costs include the data storage for electronic records.  For example, children have caregivers who manage their health through a health care provider. The caregiver needs to be able to communicate the needs of the child and the health care provider needs to keep a record of all health care transactions that are completed electronically. So, if a caregiver is communicating with a provider via email then that email will be included in thepatient's medical record. Having a technology based communication model helps the provider and the caregiver stay in touch and provides the health care giver around the clock access to their child's doctor. Children with chronic diseases or conditions rely heavily on their caregivers and health care provider to receive the necessary treatment for his or her condition. Health care information technology provides a variety of ways to manage information about the health and care of a patient or groups of patients (Gentles, Lokker, & McKibbon, 2010). Because this innovation is new, there is still a lot of opportunity to measure the costs to implement the technology into the health care facilities, between different providers working with the same patients, and managing the data for patients and providers. I believe there is room to improve and fully utilize a technological communicationmodel like electronic medical records and everyone being able to discuss medical issues electronically, but like everything else it takes lots of money to implement fully.Reference: Gentles, S., Lokker, C., & McKibbon, K. (2010). Health information technology to facilitate communication involving health care providers, caregivers, and pediatric patients: a scoping review. Journal Of Medical Internet Research, 12(2), e22. Retrieved fromMEDLINE with Full Text database.Response 2Effective communication between patients and health care providers is essential to business success and quality care. Modern technology communication includes email, web portals, web conferencing, and electronic chat. The various communication modalities aid clinicians in the challenges to deliver effective and timely and accurate communication between them, other health care providers, and the patient which improve patient safety, outcomes, reduces costs through productivity and efficiency and improve operational efficiency.Between patients and health care providers· There are advantages in the potential cost savings that results in an absence of overhead for an office, reduction in personnel such as front/back office and receptionists· Improving quality of care through a single integrated system that provides patient’smedical care and history results in immediate care decisions· Potential to lower costs through reducing unnecessary tasks and process bottlenecks· Identify best practice care to improve healthcare outcomes through improving conformance to established evidence-based care standards and processes that reduce inconsistent care· Contain the cost of compliance reporting and audits by enabling automated access to electronic patient data· Improve patient safety through improved communication between clinicians· Improve patient satisfaction through an efficient, patient/provider communication interface · Reduce medical errors and liabilities through improved staff visibility to care execution across all levels of care· Improve quality scorecards through improved care outcomes and adherence to best practices (The Gantry Group LLC,2007)Between health care providers only – One of the benefits from our electronic reading assignment is med3q.com which is a web bases communication between physicians that allows them to share best practices and insight to new medical technologies and development (2007).Indication is though there are gained efficiencies with technology communication modalities there should be consideration for access and availability for patients. In the access study the findings include:· Unwillingness to share personal contact information via mobile phone, texting eventhough they feel it would improve services· Service and support for the technology is limited· Language, reading and writing skills may have limitations· Expense concerns (Crowley, Davis,Steadman, March 2006)References:(2007). A virtual meet-and-greet. Marketing Health Services, 27(4), 9. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database.Crowley, J.,Davis, D. A.,&Steadman, P.(March 2006).Mental Health Practice,9,6.p.36(3).RetrievedNovember 24, 2010,fromGeneral OneFileviaGale:http://find.galegroup.com/gtx/start.do?prodId=ITOF&userGroupName=apolloThe Gantry Group LLC.(2007).Better Information, Better Care, Better Health.Retrieved from

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UOPX HCS 490 - Technologically Based Communication Modalities

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