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DQ1 Week 1 What might consumers do to reduce health care costs List at least 3 specific things that are proven to work Remember to use appropriate APA citations where necessary One thing that consumers can do is at home take care of yourself This can include things like eating healthy foods reduce the stressors in your life make sure your home is free of unwanted pest practice proper hand washing take precautions when you are getting sick Another way consumers can reduce health care costs is to avoid a hospitalization whenever possible Being hospitalized will only cost you more money in the long run More than half of all health care costs are for hospitalizations Consider outpatient services or same day surgery Find out if there are alternatives to surgery The last thing consumers can do to reduce health care costs is to take an active roll in your health care decision making process If you think the doctor is pushing for a test you think that you don t need tell the doctor so If you feel you are on a medication that you don t need or find an alternative method than tell the doctor how you feel It is your health care not their s Response 2 I see waste in overuse and underuse of health care Both affect the cost of health care delivery Patients need to know their benefit plan what is available what is not available and take accountability for their health Health care is a partnership between health care providers and the patient Ensure you are obtaining preventative maintenance such as well woman exams immunizations mammogram if over 40 colo rectal screening for men over age 50 annual well checks for blood pressure and general health Preventative care is a way to identify illness in early stages when the cost for treatment is much lower than an advanced stage illness Access available wellness programs like weight management smoking succession stress management and self breast exams Know the risks in your choice of lifestyle and have awareness of the early signs or symptoms that would require treatment Follow your benefit plan Most plans are HMO oriented and patients are required to get referral or redirection of care through the primary care gatekeeper Call and ask your primary care office if you are not sure if you need to go in for treatment They may be able to provide answer to your question over the phone Don t go to an ER unless it is emergent Know where your urgent care provider is and the available hours

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UOPX HCS 490 - Reduce Health Care Cost

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