UOPX HCS 451 - Performance Management Presentation

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Slide 1IntroductionCardiology Associates StaffAdministrative StaffThe Process of implementing changes within the organizationCommon ProblemsDissemination and ImplementationDecision Making ToolsAcquired Information For Decision MakingChallenges in Risk- and Quality-Management Decision-MakingResponding Tools for EmergenciesChallenges Faced in This ProjectTeam DecisionContinuous Quality ManagementConclusionReferencesPerformance Management PresentationUniversity of PhoenixHCS/451IntroductionCommon problems encountered by Cardiology AssociationAcquired relevant information required of decision-makingCommon tools used to enhance decision-makingChallenges that may be encountered in making risk-management and quality-management decisionsCardiology Associates StaffThe Heart Team Specializes inAdministrative StaffVanceChunn CEO/Administrator DoreenHarrison CFO/Director of Finance RyanBeale COO/Director of Operations CherylFerguson Director of Scheduling DonnaShamp Operations Manager-Baldwin County SiriJohnson Director of Human Resources VirginiaJeffries Director of Marketing EmilyArellano Business Office ManagerThe Process of implementing changes within the organizationPATIENTSPhysiciansDepartmental managersEntry level employeesadministrationCommon Problems Striving for non-stop improvement not only through quality but also through organizational learning.Identify the approach for obtaining physician participation and leadershipMeet the challenges of new situationsDissemination and ImplementationDepartmental wideQuality and Risk Management guidelines are followedPolicy and procedures are followedDecision Making ToolsEvidence based guidelinesStandard risk assessmentFlexibility in standardized care plansComputerized alert programsAcquired Information For Decision MakingDemocratic Style LeadershipUsing Scientific Evidence From Clinical Application and ResearchMonitoring and Comparing ResultsChallenges in Risk- and Quality-Management Decision-MakingPatient safetyImplementation of event reporting systemCompliance with Medicare and secondary-payer guidelinesEffects of recession and economyResponding Tools for Emergencies The role of personal masteryPromote the concept of shared visionDevelop protocolsChain of CommandChallenges Faced in This ProjectDecentralizing the organization building relations in rural areas for cardiac servicesUnderstanding is another challenge, most likely the largest challengeTeam DecisionDefine the problemGather information and resourcesList optionsWeigh, compare optionsMake a decisionMake a plan of actionEvaluation the decisionContinuous Quality ManagementContinuous Improvement (CI) InitiativesBenefits of Continuous Quality ManagementChallenges of Continuous Quality ManagementConclusionCommon problems encountered by Cardiology AssociationAcquired relevant information required of decision-makingPatient and employee safetyFollowing a chain of commandReferencesBernett, R., & Nentl, N. (2010,January). Opinions and Expectations About Continuous Improvement Programs. The Journal for Quality and Participation, 32(4), 35-38.ECRI Institute.:(2011).:News Release.:Retrieved from https://www.ecri.org/Press/Pages/Top_Risk_Management_Challenges_2010.aspxFriedman, R., & Haas, S.(February, 2011).Strengths and Limitations of Standards of Care to Guide the Orthopedic Surgeon in VTE Prevention.Orthopedics (Online), 34(2), 121-128. Retrievedfromhttp://search.proquest.com.ezproxy.apollolibrary.com/docview/851767973?accountid=35812:Cardiology Associates.:(2006).:Cardiology Associates of Mobile.:Retrieved from http://www.cardassoc.comCarroll, R. L. (2009). Risk Management Handbook for Health Care Organizations. Retrieved from:the University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.McLaughlin, C., & Kaluzny, A. (2006). Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare. Retrieved from the University of Phoenix eBook

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UOPX HCS 451 - Performance Management Presentation

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