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Psychology 101 Midterm 3 Perspectives on motivation (Chapter 11)1. Define motivation?2. What is an instinct theory?3. What are 3 things that homeostasis requires?1)2)3)4. Define the following terms:- Set point:- Drive:- Problem:5. Describe approach and avoidance motivation. How does it relate back to the focus on motivation?6. Put the following terms that are part of the Maslow hierarchy of needsin order and define the terms that need to be defined.- Self-actualization:- Deficiency needs at the bottom- Growth needs at the top7. Describe the physiology of huger 8. What are the psychological aspects of hunger?9. How is obesity attained?10. List the genetic factors of obesity 11. List the environmental factors of obesity 12. Explain the effects of anorexia nervosa and why many people continue to suffer from it although they know the outcomes of the disorder 13. Explain the effects of bulimia nervosa and why people continue to suffer from it although they the outcomes of the disorder Sexual Motivation1. What is sexual motivation?2. Describe the sexual response cycle:3. What are the cultural and environmental influences?4. Why is there a rise in premarital sex over the past decades Emotion1. What are adaptive functions?2. List the important adaptive function:-----3. Explain the nature of the emotions and there purpose.4. Describe the following theories of emotion:- James-Lange theory:- Cannon-Bard theory:Development over the Lifespan (Chapter 12)1. What is developmental psychology2. Describe the four broad issues of development:1) Nature and Nurture:2) Critical and sensitive periods:3) Continuity versus discontinuity:4) Stability versus change:3. Cross-sectional design:4. Longitudinal design:Prenatal Development1. How many stages are there in prenatal development?2. Define and describe in the depth the stages of prenatal development:- Germinal stage:o Zygote:o What is repeated cell division?- Embryonic stage:o Placenta:o Umbilical cord:- Fetal stage:o Age of viability: o When is the earliest that a fetus can survive outside of the womb?3. Which pair of chromosomes determines the gender of the fetus? 4. What is the TDF gene and what does it stand for?5. How is alcohol fetal syndrome caused, and what are some outcomes ofthis disorder?The amazing new born6. List some sensory capabilities that newborns may have 7. What are the 3 basic principles of physical development of a new born?-- D-Social thinking and behavior (Chapter 13)1. Describe Erickson’s psychology theory2. What are the four sages that occur during infancy and childhood ----3. What is the attachment theory and how does it come into effect?4. List and describe the types of attachments that take place?- D- D- D5. Compare and contrast the effects of divorce in adolescences and in adults?6. Describe the following parenting styles - Authoritative Parents:- Authoritarian Parents:- Indulgent parents:- Neglectful Parents:7. When does social loafing normally appear?8. Why do people tend to

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