UCF REL 2300 - Christianity Part II and Islam

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REL2300 July 31st Overview IV --- Christianity Part II and Islam Christianity Part II 1. Who was Arius and what did he say about Jesus? - Arius (around 300 C.E.) was a Bishop of Egypt who held the view that Jesus was a human being. Thought he was a great and an ideal human being, but nonetheless he was not son of God. The title “Son of God” was a courtesy title. 2. In what countries will one find Eastern and Western Churches? - Eastern: Greece, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine - Western: Western Europe 3. Describe the main differences between Eastern and Western Churches. - Eastern Church: the nature of Jesus has two separate natures, God first created Jesus and then the Holy Spirit, when baptized you get dunked, and bread and wine (body and blood). - Western Church: God and Jesus created the Holy Spirit, Jesus is the Divine and Human in one, when baptized you get sprinkled, and ONLY bread. 4. What is the status of the Pope in the Western Church and Patriarchs in the Eastern Church? - Eastern Church: Always held to a decentralized consensus based model. Decisions regarding doctrines and practices made by local community members in consultation with patriarchs and bishops. - Western Church: Centralized authority is vested in the Pope (The Western Church includes at this point that Christians in the West as yet we had no Catholics and Protestants). 5. Who was the father of Reformation? - Martin Luther 6. What were main objections Martin Luther took against the (Catholic) Church? - No indulgences and criticize the authority of the pope. 7. Describe two main contentions of Martin Luther. 1) Sola Fides: live by faith 2) Sola Scriptura: live by scripture 8. Describe two main commandments of Christianity. - Know thy God - Know thy Father - Love thy neighbor 9. Trinity in Christianity. - God, son, and Holy Spirit Islam 1. Place and year of birth and death of Muhammad.- Born: 570 C.E. in Mecca - Died: 632 C.E. in Medina (Yathrib) 2. Muhammad’s parents, wife, and tribe. - Father: Abdallah died 6 months before Muhammad was born - Mother: Amina died when Muhammad was about 6 years old - Wife: Khadija, married him at age 40, she was 15 years older than him; businesswomen - Tribe: Quraysh 3. The first Sura revealed to Muhammad? - Iqra: The Recitation Chapter 4. Know the meanings of the word “Islam” and “Muslim”. - Islam: submission to the will of God; the religion - Muslim: one who believes in the religion of Islam 5. Who are the children of Abraham? - Isaac and Ishmael - Ishmael: where Muhammad came from (Muslim lineage) - Isaac: Jews and Christians come from 6. How is Jesus viewed in Islam? - Jesus is viewed as a prophet in Islam 7. What is Hadith? - Tradition; It is defined as what the prophet Muhammad said, did (Sunna) and approved or disapproved of 8. Usury, drinking and gambling in Islam. - Practiced before Muhammad, but after they were NOT allowed 9. Halal and Haram? - Halal: permissible (allowed) - Haram: sinful 10. Marriage and divorce in Islam? - Both legal - Marriage must be a legal document - Divorce is only a last resort 11. The meaning of word “Qur’an”. - Recitation or that which is going to be recited Define: 12. Shari’a - Islamic law or Islamic Jurisprudence 13. Qiyas and Ijma’ - Qiyas: Deduction or logical inference by analogical reasoning - Ijma’: General consensus of people of 3 generations after death of prophet Muhammad 14. Sunnies and Shi’its - Sunnies: any Muslim who is pious, man of knowledge and capable of governing can become leader of nation - Shi’ites: Imam must be blood related to Muhammad 15. The Term Caliph or Imam. - Caliph or Imam: Leader of the Muslim Nation16. How many Suras are in the Qur’an? - 114 Suras (Chapters) 17. What are the different characteristics of Mecca and Medinan Suras? - Meccan Suras: deal with the basics of Islam - Medinan Suras: deal with the ethical, social, and political aspects of Islam 18. Know the Five Pillars of Islam. 1) Profession of faith (Shahada) 2) Prayers (Salat) a. Face Mecca, recite, bow 3) Fasting in the month of Ramdam (saum) 4) Almsgiving or charity (Zakat) 5) Pilgrimage (Hajj) a. Kabah: large black stone in Mecca 19. Describe the main differences between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. - Judaism: Jesus was a nice guy but NOT Messiah - Christianity: Jesus was Messiah - Islam: Jesus was a prophet 20. Know the importance of the following years: 570 C.E., 612 C.E., 622 C.E., and 632 C.E. - 570 C.E.: Muhammad born in Mecca - 612 C.E.: Muhammad became a prophet - 622 C.E.: Calendar starts and migration of prophet to Medina - 632 C.E.: Muhammad died in Medina

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UCF REL 2300 - Christianity Part II and Islam

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