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UNCG CCI 205 - Mythology

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Week 1Week 11Final Exam: Monday, May 3rdJ. M. A. MurphyMythologyDr. Joanne M. A. MurphyEmail: [email protected] hours: Mon/Wed. on zoom 11-12.Pronouns: She, her Course Description The word myth comes from the Greek word, mythos, meaning, "word" or "story." Greek mythology, then, is the study of the stories and traditions created and maintained by the classical civilizations of ancient Greece. This course provides a survey of the main classical myths, including the myths of creation, divine myths, sagas, and local legends, based upon a combination of Greek and Latin literature and archaeological evidence. Myths often serve to answer fundamental philosophical and religious questions ofhuman existence such as: Where do we come from? and What is our place in the world? As we explore the details of Greek myths, we will learn a great deal of information about the cultural values, beliefs, and ideas held by the ancient Greeks about the ways that they viewed their world and how they, as humans, fit in it.GLT Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) 1. Demonstrate the reading skill required for the study of literary texts. (LG3) 2. Identify and/or describe some of the varied characteristics of literary texts. (LG3) 3. Demonstrate orally, in writing, or by some other means a fundamental ability to use some of the techniques and/or methods of literary analysis. (LG1, LG3) 4. Identify and/or describe some of the various social, historical, cultural, and/or theoretical contexts in which literary texts have been written and interpreted. (LG3) Course specific Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) By the end of the semester youshould be able to do the following:1. Identify and describe the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece and Rome andknow the most important myths about them.2. Understand the relationships between these gods and humans.3. Locate, interpret, and evaluate information about mythological themes and figuresamong the Greeks and Romans.4. Describe the major literary sources for Greco-Roman mythology.5. Analyze the effects (possible or actual) of these literary sources on Greek andRoman cultures.6. Demonstrate an understanding of the interconnections and sensitivity to culturaldifferences among the Greeks and the Romans.CommunicationsI expect to be able to communicate with you through Canvas. If you do not know how to use Canvas, contact 6-tech (6-8324). If you have to contact me, email me – do notJ. M. A. Murphycontact me via Canvas. Please put the title of the course in the subject line so that I cannot mistake it for spam. Make sure to include your name as it appears on the class roster/name list.I will reply to emails within 48 hours of receiving them. Any email received from Friday later afternoon to Monday morning will be addressed on Monday. I suggest you read ahead in the syllabus and make sure you understand and have access to the readings.Reading ahead will give you sufficient time to have your questions answered well in timeto meet your needs.How to be successful: Do the readings and view the videos. These are the two best things that you can do for yourself to ensure success.You are expected to view all videos and complete all assignments. Failure to do view the videos will result in your missing important material not necessarily in your reading, which could appear on tests and the final exam.If a religious holiday falls on a due date of an assignment, you must turn the assignment in in advance of the due date. This must be arranged 2 weeks in advance of the due date.Academic ConductYou are expected to behave in way that keeps this class conducive to learning,e.g., do not cheat on exams, please do not post inappropriate message on canvas. If youhave not already done so, please read the Academic Integrity Policy( accommodationAll requests for accommodations must go through the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services ( You can call them at 336-334-5440, email them at [email protected] or visit them at Suite 215 of the EUC. Appointments are encouraged but walk-ins are welcome. Do not delay in contacting them. I must have all forms from OARS signed at least 10 days before any exams.Health and WellnessHealth and well-being impact learning and academic success. Throughout your time in the university, you may experience a range of concerns that can cause barriers to your academic success. These might include illnesses, strained relationships, anxiety, high levels of stress, alcohol or drug problems, feeling down, or loss of motivation. Student Health Services and The Counseling Center can help with these or other issues you may experience. You can learn about the free, confidential mental health services available on campus by calling 336-334-5874, visitingthe website at or visiting the Anna M. Gove Student Health Center at 107 Gray Drive. For undergraduate or graduate students in recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction, The Spartan Recovery Program (SRP) offers recovery supportJ. M. A. Murphyservices. You can learn more about recovery and recovery support services by visiting or reaching out to [email protected] Texts. If you purchase a different edition you will have to adjust the page numbers listedfor the reading assignments.Aeschylus Prometheus Bound (Thomson Translation) Available through the library:- Theogony (Caldwell Translation)Homer Odyssey (Fagles Translation)Homeric Hymns (Shelmerdine Translation)Ovid Metamorphoses (Humphries Translation) Available through the library: Medea, Hippolytus, Heracles (Esposito Translation)Examinations and Grading Policies If you miss any of the assignments, you will need to provide supporting paperwork(doctors appointment card, police report etc.) to be permitted to take the exam at a laterdate. Under no circumstances may you miss more than one assignment and still pass thecourse.20-22 pop quizzes: 20 %. (SLO 1 – 4)The two quizzes with the lowest score will be dropped. These quizzes will be multiple choice and will cover the material from the previous lecture and the readings for the day of the quiz. If you are late to class, you run the risk of missing the quiz or not having enough time to finish it. All

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