UW-Madison ATMOCN 100 - Review Class For Exam 2 (9 pages)

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Review Class For Exam 2

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Review Class For Exam 2


A lecture with some answers for the review sheet given to us today by the professor.

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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Atmocn 100 - Weather and Climate
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Atm Ocn 100 Edition 1nd Lecture 25 Outline of Last Lecture I Lightning a Charge Separation b Why are pointy objects good for creating large potentials c Positive polarity stroke d Why does lightning make a sound II Downbursts a High Lapse rates b Dry air c Evolution of Downdraf d Threat to aviation e Doppler radars Outline of Current Lecture II Review Sheet Questions and Answers ones we went over in class Current Lecture Test on Friday Review The test has 40 multiple choice questions covering chapters 18 22 Here is a synopsis of what is on the test 1 What is necessary to form thunderstorms To form thunderstorms what is needed is conditional instability and instability that is deep enough to have equilibrium level that reaches above the level to get ice If there is no ice there is no thunderstorms 2 Why does stratosphere stop thunderstorm updraf Stratosphere can stop thunderstorm updraf if it is stable Air parcels finds themselves colder then its surroundings Stratosphere is quite hot in potential temperature not in actual temperature 3 Definition of severe A severe storm is actually restrictive Severe has to have winds of at least 55 knots And hail of at least 3 quarters now it is 1 inch They made it even more restrictive to be a severe storm And then if there is a tornado which is a funnel cloud that reaches the surface that is also considered severe Lightning does not make a severe storm It is the number one killer of people in the United States or the world but it doesn t count as a severe storm Either does flash flooding There has to be strong winds large hail or a tornado 4 Causes of downdraf Why do you get a downdraf To get up updraf you need positive buoyant warm air relative to the environment which cause air to rise To get a downdraf it is a push downward that is similar to an updraf A downdraf is a strong downward push What causes it Downdraf is negative buoyancy air sinks like updraf rises What makes it cold Evaporation makes it cold And water loading

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