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Mountain Snowstorms

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Mountain Snowstorms


A lecture about mountain snowstorms and how they effect life.

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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Atmocn 100 - Weather and Climate
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Atm Ocn 100 Edition 1nd Lecture 37 Outline of Last Lecture I Reminders II Weather of the day III Lake Effect Storms IV Snow climatology highly influenced by lake effects V Why Lake Effect VI Lake Effect Storm Types VII Different Animations of Lake Effect Storm Types Outline of Current Lecture II Reminders III Weather of the day IV Mountain Snowstorms V Orographic Clouds in the Rockies VI Water Rights in the West VII Major Issues VIII Rocky Mountain Eastern Slope Upslope Storms IX Cold Air Damming Current Lecture Reminders Homework due Friday Cloud Project due Sunday Final Review either this Friday at 4 pm or Sunday at 4 pm Final is next Wednesday the 17th at 12 25pm in Agr Hall 125 Final is cumulative but focus also on current section Weather of the day Sea level pressure is the pressure that you would have at sea level elevation But we have topography 1025 pressure would be at sea level in Denver instead of mile high at the city Why don t we plot surface pressure instead of sea level pressure The reason is that pressure varies very dramatically with height If Denver is at 850 mb and you plotted that on there on the coast would be 1000 mb It would be 150 mb difference in pressure just because of elevation All that we would see on a surface map would be topography It would be difficult to see weather systems So we normalize the weather we plot to sea level which is all the same elevation In order to do that extrapolate the pressure of Denver down to sea level This then allows us to see weather patterns Then we can look for the rain snow line and see what that looks like It looks like New York and all of Pennsylvania will have some snow but light snow The east has a lot of ski areas Particularly in New Hampshire and Vermont They can get up to 15 feet of snow really from the upslope Because there is warm air from the east the rain snow line plays tricks with this There isn t the nice Christmas snow in Maine or New Hampshire yet The coast and the ocean as a source of

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