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CSUN RTM 300 - Tourism and Communities

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The effect of TourismOn your communityFocus Groups Focus group consisted of several members of the Chumash Indian tribe, as well as one member of a Washington state Indian tribe that is currently developing a casino Participants were eager to discuss the positive effects of money gained from casino operations Participants were very aware of vocal minority in community against the casino Participants seemed genuinely concerned with local community outside of the tribeFocus Groups It was clear that the casino did not destroy the local community It was a vehicle for the Native Americans to be able to save their culture The Chumash were extremely sensitive about local businesses and culture before okaying the casino Meetings were held with local businesses and government beforehandFocus Groups No local businesses were known to be destroyed Local schools and public services have benefited greatly from casino profits Concerns with gambling and drinking abuse were handled up front, not responded to after they became a problemWhat We Learned Chumash casino an excellent example of sustainable developed tourism Actually was instrumental in saving a culture, not destroying it Shows what can happen when tourism is planned correctlyWhat We Learned Even though a program can be developed correctly, someone will always be upset Example of a community creating and controlling its own tourism destination A local community really does have the power to control tourismProblems on an International Level• Conflicts Over Resources: “The average tourist uses as much water in 24 hours as a third-world villager would use to produce rice for 100 days.”• Contaminated Water: sanitation quality is very low along with poor sewage treatment• Job Vulnerability: is often seasonal and part-time and companies bring in their own workersProblems on an International Level• Land Environmental Damage: forests are cut down to create buildings and the trees are used to make souvenirs.• Local Community Exclusion and Exploitation: destroyed jobs and has displaced people from their homes• Cultural Degradation: tourists pay little to no money to see cultural ritualsBack Ground Information• Living in the south central coast of California for about 13,000• Conquered by Spanish conquistadors and American colonist• Hunter and gather societyBack Ground Information• Physically and spiritually connected with nature• Did not waste any part of animal or plant• Live by three basic lawsBack Ground Information• Limitation-accept your own limitations do not be envy of the limitations of others rather be happy for their attributes• Moderation- take only what you need, from the ocean as well as the land. Leave the rest for the future and the future generations to come.Back Ground Information• Compensation- give with out expecting anything in return.• -Santa Ynez Reservation was established in December 1901Back Ground Information• In 2004 The reservation opened a hotel and casino this AAA Four-Diamond Award has attracted many people about 6000 visitors a day• Today there are about 250 residents and close to 100 homes.Ecological Solutions for Luxury International Hotels Develop golf courses using natural terrain, plant drought tolerant grass, and use less pesticides Use native plants of the location’s land when landscaping the property In islands where it is possible, import clean water from the volcanic region.Ecological Solutions for Luxury International Hotels Travelers should resist temptation from flying at night Chlorine should no longer be used in pools and Jacuzzis at resort hotels.  The use of digital cameras should be encouraged. Develop docks and marinas for yachts that assists the marine lifeEcological Solutions for Luxury International Hotels from a Native Perspective• Involve locals in the tourism of the island• Have workshops that train locals on the importance of the natural attractions.• Train them on how to maintain a level of safety for tourists.Examples of Ecological Luxury Hotels Worldwide• Nikki Beach, Turks and Caicos– World’s first ever ecologically friendly mega-yacht marina• The Orchid, Mumbai, India– Each room has an “Eco-Button” that sets the thermostat on an energy efficient mode.– On sight there is a wastewater treatment plant.Estimated Costs in Building Eco Friendly Luxury Resorts• Cost in going green does require a high price tag• Due to the targeted cliental, the cost could be off set by the rate.• Building expenses begin at 2,000,000+ and go into the billions (depending on the detail).Expected Compensation• Much detail and consideration is needed in order to effectively develop luxury in an eco-friendly matter• The cost in assisting a company with this goal is dependent upon the size of a project.• Our team is required to work with ecological scientists when “going green.”• Luxury Resorts that are interested in converting their establishment into an earth-friendly resort will be charged about $200,000 per project.• Companies looking to our team for assistance in building a “Green Getaway” begin negotiations for proper compensation beginning at $500,000.Beaufort County South Carolina• Hilton Head was a resort island and this trend has carried over onto the other Barrier Islands.• Islands were once used for agriculture and now they are being used for a tourist destination.• Landowners either forced or persuaded to sell their property to the developers.• If not the property taxes increase due to all the other developments surrounding them.Beaufort County South Carolina• If not the property taxes increase due to all the other developments surrounding them.• Job opportunities change.• Jobs become specialized only jobs available to community members are min. wage jobs.Spring Break• Many U.S. vacation spots were filled with college students on break.• In 1985 380,000 college students came to "Fort Liquordale" and spend $110 million dollars!• In Fort Lauderdale the city has changed certain laws.• Example: no open alcohol containersSpring Break• No sleeping in the car and no parking at the beach.• These small measure created a family friendly environment.• Luxury Hotels came into Fort Lauderdale that helped clean up the city.Spring Break• The St. Regis Hotel now stands in place of the Candy Store, the bar that invented the

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