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CSUN ENGL 098 - Syllabus

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Fall 2009 Bashforth ENGL098 Ticket # 19396 SH307 Mon. & Wed. 8:00-9:15 A.M. Developmental Writing Jo Anna Bashforth Email: [email protected] Office: ST507 Office Hours: Mon. & Wed. 9:30-10:30 Phone: 677-5280 or 4319 & by appointment Class website: Texts: Matador Bookstore: From Critical Thinking to Argument: A Portable Guide, 2nd ed. Barnet & Bedau Apt Pupil: Based on a Novella in “Different Seasons,” by Stephen King New Voices: A Collection of Student Essays, 17th edition, ed. Pamela Bourgeois and Sandra Jackson Required Materials: 2 Large Bluebooks for in-class essays Internet access and an email account which you check regularly Highly Recommended: A student planner or other type of calendar. Planning, or the lack thereof, can make or break your college career. Admission Requirements: A CSU English Placement Test Score of 142-150 or a grade of Credit in English 097, if applicable. Course Objectives and Format: English 098 is designed primarily to improve your existing talents and abilities to write in the kinds of genres you will use in your academic careers and beyond, giving you many opportunities to write in ways that challenge you and your analytical thinking skills. By the end of the semester, you will be aware of how the writing process – inventing, drafting, revising, editing – becomes actualized in your own writing. We will introduce and experiment with invention strategies such as brainstorming, clustering, free-writing, as well as small group and full class discussions. You will become skilled at evaluating your readers’ needs by producing essays which provide clear introductions and sufficient detail to accomplish your writing purposes. We will work together to build a writing community by introducing peer collaboration in the reading and writing processes, by encouraging peer response to student writing, by requiring conferences between tutor and student and by providing conferences between instructor and student. We will discuss the portfolio in-depth at a later date. In the meantime, please note that it is crucial that you save all class materials, preliminary drafts, brainstorming notes, outlines, as well as completed assignments – Please don’t throw anything away related to the three major essays you will write in this class– multiple drafts are required to ensure your portfolio to be accepted for evaluation! Preparation, Participation, Attendance, and Late Assignments: This class is designed to be more workshop than lecture and your participation is necessary for our success. It is important that you come to every class prepared and on time. To be “prepared” means that you have thoughtfully engaged with the reading, meaning you will have read the assigned material before coming to class. As a result, you will be familiar with topics and vocabulary, have a frame of reference for and to be able to participate in class discussions, take quizzes successfully, etc.Bashforth Page 2 of 5 Preparation, Participation, Attendance, and Late Assignments, con’t: It also means reviewing/completing your Learning Log assignments so you are ready to discuss the issues surrounding each topic . You are also expected to arrive in class equipped with the supplies necessary to participate (books, paper, writing instruments, etc.). Much in-class work will be collaborative, so your participation and hence attendance, is necessary. Because your presence in class is important and – if you are not here, you cannot participate – in a class meeting only twice a week, missing even one session may impact the number of points you can accumulate. In most circumstances, 3 or more absences may result in failure. It is important that you be present for the majority of the class session: at 8:05 you will be considered tardy. Yes, I know the parking is difficult as is getting out of bed, but because we will periodically begin class with free-writes, quizzes, and similar activities – important work that cannot be made up – it is essential you arrive on time. Early departures are counted the same as a late arrival. Two instances of tardy will equal one absence. All absences will require a doctor’s note or other appropriate documentation. Most assignments will be due by email, but those that are not, i.e. they require a “hard-copy,” are due at the beginning of class on the date specified on the schedule. Having assignments completed on time is essential. If you expect to be away or miss a class when an assignment is due, you will need to make arrangements to get the assignment to me ahead of time. No late work will be accepted. Missed or late work of any kind means the equivalent of an “F” for that particular assignment. Cell phones, PDA’s, and other personal communication devices are to be turned off and kept out of sight. If your phone or pager rings during class or if I see you texting or checking your messages during class, you will be marked absent – no exceptions. Texting, tweeting, checking your email, wandering the web, etc. is permissible only until class has begun. Conferences To receive full participation points, you must attend to least one individual conference with me. Other conferences may be scheduled at your or my request during the semester. Typically, we will discuss the paper you are currently working on as well as your general progress in the class. Email Please be aware that I respond promptly to emails, within 24 hours – and often sooner - to most email messages. In fact, I know email is rather old-fashioned, but you should also check your email on weekends as there are sometimes changes in classroom assignments, etc. If you send me an email and I do not respond during this timeframe, it is your responsibility to resend the email or attempt to contact me some other way, e.g. through the English Department Office. A Word About Atmosphere From time to time, we will discuss “hot-button” issues in class. In order for us to succeed, we need all to work diligently to preserve an environment of mutual respect. While we will never reach consensus on these issues, we

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