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MCCCD EMT 104 - Study Notes

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Medical TerminologyPREFIX MEANINGsalping-o fallopian tubesSUFFIX MEANINGABBREVIATION MEANINGDocumentation AbbrevDocumentation AbbreviationsGLENDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE EMT Program Medical Terminology PREFIX MEANING a, an without/ not ab away from/away ad toward/to amb, ambi both ana upward/ backward/ excessive, or gain ante before anti against/counteracting, effective, against bi two brachi arm brachy short brady slow circum around co, con with/together contra against/opposing de down/ from/ down from di two/ twice dis away from/ separated from/ apart dys painful/ bad/difficult e, ec out from/ out of ecto outer/ outside endo within/ inside/ inner epi upon/ over/ on/ in addition to ex, exo away from/ outside/ without/ to remove extra outside of/ beyond/ in addition hemi half hetero other homo the same/ common hyper above/ excessive/ beyond/ extreme hypo less than/ below/ under/ deficient in not/ in infra below/ under/ beneath inter between intra within macro large mal bad mega, megal large micro small mono one/ single multi many ob, oc against/ in front of/ towards (closed) para, par beside/ around/ near/ beyond/ accessory to/ abnormal per through peri around poly too many/ too much post behind/ after pre before/ in front of pro before/ in front of quad four re back/ again/ contrary retro backward/ in back of/ behind sclero hard semi half sub below/ under/ beneath super, supra above/ in excess of sym, syn together/ joined with/ along/ beside tachy fast tetra four trans across/ over tri three uni one/ single ROOT MEANINIG abdomin-o abdomen acr-o extremity/ peak aden gland adip fat agra seizure of acute pain alb white alg-(e) (o) relating to pain andr-o relating to man angi-o vessel anter-o toward the front/ in front of/ before appendic-o appendix arterti-o vessel arthr-o joint aur ear auto self aux increase bi-o life blast-o germ or embryonic cell blephar-o eyelid bronch-o bronchus calcane-o heel carcin-o cancer cardi-o heart 1carp-o wrist caud-o toward the tail/ inferior in position cavity hollow space cente puncture cephal-o toward the head/ superior in position cerebr-o cerebrum cervic neck cheil-o lip chol-o bile chlor-o green chondr-o cartilage chrom-o color circum around col-o colon colp-o vagina cor-e, core-o pupil corp- (or) body cortic-o cortex/ bark/ rind/ outer layer cost-o rib crani-o skull cyan-o blue cyst-o bladder/ sac cyt-o cell dactyl-o fingers/ toes dent-o tooth derm-o, dermato skin dipl-o double dors-o near the back/ on the back duct lead/ conduct dur hard em blood encephal-o brain enter-o intestines ersthe-o perceive/ feel erythr-o red esophag-o esophagus esthesi-o feeling/ sensation estr-o periodic changes in female reproductive organs faci-o face fasci band febr fever femor-o femur fibr fiber fil thread flex bent flux, flu flow for opening fract break gangli swelling/ plexus gastr-o stomach gen-o produce/ form gest bear/ carry gingiv-o gums gloss-o tongue glyc-o sugar/ sweet gynec woman/ female hem-o, hemato blood hepat-o liver hesi-o to stick hist-o tissue hydr-ous water hyster-o uterus idi peculiar/ separate/ distinct kerat-o cornea labi lip lacrim-o tears lapar-o abdominal wall larying-o larynx later-o side leuk-o white lingu tongue lip-o fat lith-o stone/ calculus lumb-o loin/ lower/ back lys-o destruction/ breakdown medi-o middle megal-o enlarged/ large melan-o black mes-o middle/ mesentery my-o muscle myc-o fungus myel-o spinal cord/ bone marrow narc numbness/ stupor nas-o nose necr-o death nephr-o kidney neur-o nerve o-o egg/ ovum onych-o nail oophor-o ovary ophthalm-o eye orchid-o testicle oste-o bone ot-o ear par-a near/ beside/ beyond parietal wall of structure path-o disease peps-o digestion phag-o eat pharyng-o pharynx phas-o speech phleb-o vein phob-o fear/ dread phren-o mind/ diaphragm plasm-o growth/ formation plast-o surgical/ repair 2pleg-o paralysis pne-o breathe/ breathing pneumo lung/ air -itis inflammation -lithotomy incision to remove stones from the body -logy study of/ science of -lysis loosening/ breaking down/ dissolving -malacia softening -megaly enlarged -oid like/ resembling -oma tumor/ swelling -opia vision -osis condition/ abnormal increase of a disease -(o) stomy forming an opening -(o) tomy incision into -pathy referring to disease pod-o foot poster-o behind/ toward the back proct-o anus/ rectum pseud-o false pto fall/ drop pulmo (n) lung py-o pus pyel-o renal pelvis ren-o kidney retr-o behind/ backward rhin-o nose salping-o fallopian tubes sanguin blood sarc flesh scop-o examine sept fence/ wall off ser watery substance spas draw/ pull splen-o spleen stalsis contraction stomat-o mouth therap-o treatment therm-o temperature/ heat thorac-o thorax/ chest thromb-o clot/ lump tox poison trache-o trachea troph-o development tympan-o eardrum vas-o vessel ventr-o front side/ belly side vit life xanth-o yellow zyg (o) union/ join SUFFIX MEANING -algia pain -cele tumor/ hernia -centesis surgical puncture -desis a binding -ectasis expansion/ dilation -ectomy excision of -em blood -form shape -genic origin -gram, -graph a written record -ia a state or condition -iasis condition/ formation of/ presence of -penia abnormal deficiency/ decrease -pexy fix/ make fast -plasty mold/ shape -ptosis falling -rhaphy suture -rrhage excessive flow/ excessive discharge -rhexis rupture -sect cut -scopy look at/ observe -spasm involuntary contraction -statis stopping, slowing or controlling the flow of fluids -tripsy a crushing or friction ABBREVIATION MEANING Hx history IC intracardiac ICU intensive care unit I & O intake and output IM intramuscular IV intravenous IPPB intermittent positive pressure breathing L liter LOC level of consciousness MAE moves all extremities MEq milliequivalent Mg milligram Mcg microgram MI myocardial infarction MS multiple sclerosis, morphine sulfate NPO nothing by mouth NaHCO3 sodium bicarbonate NTG nitroglycerin O2

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