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De Anza BIOL 10 - Test 1 Review Sheet spring 2010.

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TEST # 1 Review Sheet Intro Chapter, Chemistry, Cells & EnergyTest # 1 Review SheetWhat are the characteristics of life?Describe eukaryotes and prokaryotes. What kingdoms belong to each domain?Describe the scientific method.From atoms to biosphere, list the biological levels of organization discussed in class. Define each level. Which levels are studied in a microbiology class, in an environmental biology class?Describe the 3 types of bonds that are used to make a molecule. Define atomic number, atomic mass, ion, isotopeMacromolecule Monomer Describe the polymerFunctionCarbohydrates Monosaccharide(glucose)Polysaccharide Stores energyStored as starch in plants and as glycogen in animalsProteins PolypeptideNucleic Acids Backbone: phosphate& sugar moleculeLadder rungs: nitrogenous bases held together by H bondsA,T, G, C: DNAA, U, G, C: RNALipids Glycerol & fatty acids3 examples of lipids1TEST # 1 Review Sheet Intro Chapter, Chemistry, Cells & EnergyWhat is the difference between a simple and a complex carb?What is the difference between an animal fat and a vegetable fat?Through what process are macromolecules made? And broken down?Describe the properties of water? What gives water these properties?What is the pH scale? What happens to the pH if the concentration of H+ ions goes up? Or down?List the structural differences between DNA and RNA.Describe Passive Transport mechanisms (diffusion, osmosis, facilitated diffusion)and Active Transport Mechanisms (Endocytosis: pinocytosis, phagocytosis, RME) (Exocytosis)Parts of the cell: describe each organelle (ie: cell membrane, lysosome, peroxisome, nucleus, ribosome, SER, RER, cytoplasm, nuclear membrane, nuclear pores, cytoskeleton etc)What happens to a RBC if it is put into a hypertonic solution? Or a hypotonic solution?Define: thylakoid, granum, carotenoids, stroma, photon, granum, Describe photosynthesis: reactants/substrates and products, light dependent and light independent phases, Calvin cycle. Where in the plant cell do these reactions occur?Describe cellular respiration: reactants/substrates and products, Anaerobic and Aerobic phases, parts of the mitochondria where these reactions occur, What part of the process includes the Krebs Cycle? What part produces the greatest amount of

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