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Lecture 13 Outline of Last Lecture I. Strategy of Redistricting for the Majority Party II. Another Look at Dividing a Circle District (Splintering/Cracking, Packing) III. Role of Court Review IV. Redistricting in Texas V. Characteristics, Facts, and Details about the Texas State Legislature VI. Ranking State Legislature (Functionality, Accountability, Informed, Independence, Representativeness) VII. Why is Nebraska a unicameral legislature? VIII. Governors: Qualifications and Salary Outline of Current Lecture: I. Succession to the Governor’s Office if Vacant II. Removal from Office >> Impeachment and Recall III. Roles of the Governor IV. Powers of the Governor a. Formal: Tenure of Office, Appointment Power, Vetoes , Budget Power, Reorganization Powers b. Informal: Popularity, Access to Media, Leadership Qualities V. Governor of Texas = A Weak Governor VI. Other Executive and Branch Officials Current Lecture The Governor’s Office Succession to Office  Who assumes governorship if it is vacant for any reason? o Lt. Governor steps up in 43 out of the 50 states if the governorship is vacant o dies, illness, steps down, travels out of the state  Question: How are Lt. Governors selected? o Joint Lt. Governor and Governor – in 24 states, they are elected jointly, like at the national level with President and VP o in 19 states, they are elected separately, including TEXAS, may have Lt. G and G from 2 parties  Texas – elects Lt. G and G separately! Removal from Office   Impeachment o Where >> every state except Oregon has an impeachment process o The process  most typical is like that at the national level  impeachment takes place in the state House, the lower chamber, which puts forth formal charges against the governor & why that person should be removed  then the Senate, the upper house, holds the trial and votes on removing the governor  impeachment does not mean governor is removed, just the first step POLS 207 2nd Edition  senators set their own standards for what proof must be given, what crimes are worth removing the governor, etc. o Texas  impeachment in the US is rare, only 17 governors total impeached and 7 removed  Texas has had 1 governor impeached, James/Jim Ferguson, removed in 1915-1917  political impeachment, he got into fight with Board of Regents, he was removed   Recall of the Governor o another way of removing the governor that is less common o only 18 states have Recall Provisions, 18 states allow the governor to be recalled o Comparable to popular initiative… o start with petition of public, get enough signatures to have recall election, vote in election is remove or don’t remove governor o used very rarely o only about 4 governors have ever faced a Recall Election & only 2 of those were removed! o Governor Gray Davis (2003) is most recent governor removed from Recall Election in California, who was then fulfilled by Arnold S. o 1820s Governor resigned before facing the election o Recall Election recently in ...

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