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University of Texas at Arlington
Mana 3320 - Human Resource Management

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MANA 3320 Lecture 6 Outline of Last Lecture V HR Planning process VI There are different ways to eliminate a labor surplus and avoid a labor shortage and their pros and cons need to be considered VII Downsizing has major disadvantages and when necessary needs to be managed carefully to avoid negative consequences VIII There are a variety of different ways to recruit human resources IX It is important to connect HR planning and recruiting to an organization s strategy to develop a complete talent management program Outline of Current Lecture V Ways to measure the success of a selection method VI Common methods used for selecting HR VII Major types of employment tests VIII How to conduct effective interviews Current Lecture Strategic Approach to Personnel Selection Organizations should create a selection process in support of its job descriptions Selection process should be set up in a way that it lets the organization identify people who have necessary KASOs This strategic selection approach requires ways to measure effectiveness of selection tools These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Criteria for Measuring the Effectiveness of Selection Tools and Methods Reliability extent to which a measurement is free from random error A reliable measurement generates consistent results across time and judges Validity extent to which the technique measures the intended knowledge skill or ability 1 Criterion related validity Empirically how much does the score on a selection method correlate with job performance predictive or concurrent 2 Content validity Consistency between test items or problems and kinds of situations or problems that occur on the job e g the work sample selection method provides high content validity 3 Construct validity extent to which the test is measuring what it is designed to measure e g questions in a leadership potential questionnaire

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