UGA ADSC 2010 - Exam 1 Study Guide (13 pages)

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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


Includes Lecture 1-10 (not including lecture about career paths for animal science)

Study Guide
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ADSC 2010 1st Edition Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 10 Focus on bolded vocabulary words Lecture 1 August 18 What is animal science the science of domestic animals Domestic has separation from a wild counterpart Livestock wildlife domestic Agriculture use products from plant or animal and how animal science relates to it What is the goal of agriculture stability efficiency What was the first animal domesticated Wolf dog 12 14 000 years ago What was the first food animal domesticated Sheep 10 000 years ago Lecture 2 August 20 What are the key characteristics for domestication Social structure similar to our own Reproduce in captivity Hardy adaptable Economic benefit to humans Naturally more docile behavior What shows evidence of domestication Divergence from wild counterparts Neoteny retention of juvenile traits into adulthood o Morphology physiology behavior NOT TAMENESS o Fox Farm Experiment What is piebald coat color Skin lacking pigmentation Belyaev star What were characteristics of the neolithic revolution 8000 3500 BC Domestication of animals Emergence of agriculture textiles and pottery Less nomadic populations What is a symbiotic relationship Benefit to both members in a relationship Benefit to animals food shelter affection protection Benefit to humans food social interactions religious changes economic shif Nutrients any chemical substance that provides nourishment to the body What animal was saved from extinction through domestication Horse Wild vs Feral Wild not domesticated at all Feral domesticated then released Lecture 3 August 22 What are the characteristics of developed countries Better economy Government structure Good with technology Industrialized Income per capita person unit Longevity Education of population What is the most utilized meat source Pig What animal product has the highest growth rate of consumption Chicken What is the 1 meat product Pork What is the 1 non terminal product Milk 1 dairy product cheese How many pounds are in a metric

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