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ADSC 2010 1st Edition Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 10 Focus on bolded vocabulary words Lecture 1 August 18 What is animal science the science of domestic animals Domestic has separation from a wild counterpart Livestock wildlife domestic Agriculture use products from plant or animal and how animal science relates to it What is the goal of agriculture stability efficiency What was the first animal domesticated Wolf dog 12 14 000 years ago What was the first food animal domesticated Sheep 10 000 years ago Lecture 2 August 20 What are the key characteristics for domestication Social structure similar to our own Reproduce in captivity Hardy adaptable Economic benefit to humans Naturally more docile behavior What shows evidence of domestication Divergence from wild counterparts Neoteny retention of juvenile traits into adulthood o Morphology physiology behavior NOT TAMENESS o Fox Farm Experiment What is piebald coat color Skin lacking pigmentation Belyaev star What were characteristics of the neolithic revolution 8000 3500 BC Domestication of animals Emergence of agriculture textiles and pottery Less nomadic populations What is a symbiotic relationship Benefit to both members in a relationship Benefit to animals food shelter affection protection Benefit to humans food social interactions religious changes economic shif Nutrients any chemical substance that provides nourishment to the body What animal was saved from extinction through domestication Horse Wild vs Feral Wild not domesticated at all Feral domesticated then released Lecture 3 August 22 What are the characteristics of developed countries Better economy Government structure Good with technology Industrialized Income per capita person unit Longevity Education of population What is the most utilized meat source Pig What animal product has the highest growth rate of consumption Chicken What is the 1 meat product Pork What is the 1 non terminal product Milk 1 dairy product cheese How many pounds are in a metric ton 2200 lbs What are essential fatty acids Acids that the body can t synthesize Used for metabolism how we use food water nutrients to aid in body functions What are byproducts Output from production process that is minor in quality or value Lecture 4 August 25 Areas that developed agricultural systems first now are least developed Middle East India South Asia East Asia Agrarian anything having to do with agriculture What are the 3 systems of agriculture and their characteristics Primitive hunter gatherer supplemented with non agricultural food sources Subsistence sustain themselves with no surplus to market o Transhumance stable place but nomadic in certain times of the year o Pastoralism use herding grazing animals o Shifing cultivation beginning to shif to developed o Slash burn cutting down forests to establish cattle operation o Sedentary integrate system of animals and plants Developed turn a profit commercialized industrialized o Market to sustain it o Focus on making profit o Crops livestock o Intensive less land per pound of animal product Lecture 5 August 27 Taxonomy scientific breakdown of organisms break down classifications of plants animals into natural relationship groups Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species Know the taxonomy for the following the characteristics of each classification Cattle bovine o K Animalia multicellular eukaryotic o P Chordata dorsal hollow nerve chord o C Mammalia hair mammary glands o O Artiodactyla even toed ungulates o F Bovidae ruminants hollow nondeciduous horn 4 hooved o G Bos cow o S taurus domesticated cow indicus heat tolerant Goat caprine o K P C O F same o G Capra goat o S hircus domesticated goat Sheep ovine o K P C O F same o G Ovis sheep o S aries domesticated sheep Swine porcine o K P C O same o F Suidae monogastric 4 toes on hoof pigs hogs o G Sus pig o S domesticus domesticated pig Horse equine o K P C same o O Perissodactyla odd toed ungulates o F Equidae only one genus o G Equus horse like o S caballus modern horse Chicken o K P same o C Aves all birds feathers eggs o O Gallifornes ground dwelling heavier body o F Phasianidae pheasants jungle fowl partridges o G Gallus red jungle fowl Gallus gallus o S domesticus domestic chicken Lecture 6 August 29 Know the top five of the following memorize 1 other 4 don t have to be in order Commodities 1 Cattle 2 Corn 3 Poultry Eggs 4 Soybean 5 Dairy Cattle Production 1 USA 2 Brazil 3 China 4 Argentina 5 Australia Cattle Inventory 1 Brazil 2 India 3 China 4 USA 5 Ethiopia Pig Production 1 China 2 Brazil 3 USA 4 Germany 5 Spain Pig Inventory 1 China 2 Brazil 3 USA 4 Germany 5 Vietnam Sheep Production 1 China 2 Australia 3 New Zealand 4 Sudan 5 India Sheep Inventory 1 China 2 Australia 3 India 4 Sudan 5 Iran Chicken meat Production 1 USA 2 China 3 Brazil 4 Russian Federation 5 Mexico Chicken eggs Production 1 China 2 USA 3 India 4 Mexico 5 Japan Chicken Inventory 1 China 2 USA 3 Indonesia 4 Brazil 5 India Goat Production 1 China 2 India 3 Nigeria 4 Pakistan 5 Bangladesh Goat Inventory 1 China 2 India 3 Pakistan 4 Nigeria 5 Bangladesh Horse Production 1 China 2 Mexico 3 Kazahkstan 4 Russian Federation 5 Mongolia Horse Inventory 1 USA 2 Mexico 3 China 4 Brazil 5 Argentina Lecture 7 September 3 Top Milk Producing Countries 1 India 2 USA 3 China 4 Pakistan 5 Brazil Reasons for Inadequate Food Supplies Developing Lack of knowledge Population concentration of people amount of agriculture Lack of wealth Government policies Environmental Challenges lack of arable land lack of rainfall plant animal diseases Religious or social taboo How do we eat cheap Efficiency of production Use of additives promotants Use of biotechnology Farm subsidies government support Vertical integration factory farming Lecture 8 September 8 Know the following sex condition terminology Intact Male Species Young Castrated Male Mature Young Mature Cattle Calf Bull Bull Steer Stag Swine Pigle t Boar Boar Barrow Stag Sheep Lamb Ram Ram Wether Stag Horse Foal Colt Stallion Geldin g Goat Kid Buck Buck Wether Capon Chicken Chick Cockerel Cock Rooster Female Meat Product Species Young Mature Young Mature Cattle Heifer Cow Veal Beef Swine Gilt Sow Sheep Ewe Ewe Horse Filly Mare Goat Doe Doe Kid Pullet Hen Chicken broiler Chicken Pork Lamb Mutton Horse meat Goat What is parturition Act of giving birth Calving bovine Lambing ovine Foaling equine Kidding caprine Farrowing porcine What are different names for groupings Herd horse sheep goat cow o String team

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