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ADSC 2010 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide There will be 100 125 questions on the final exam 40 50 of Exam Old Exam Quiz Questions Quiz 1 1 Our goal in Animal Science and Agriculture is to produce animal products with stability and efficiency 2 Which was the first food animal species to be domesticated Sheep 3 Which of the following would be a reason that an animal is NOT domesticated Of no additional benefit to humans 4 Besides having a divergence from their wild counterparts domesticated animals exhibit neoteny which is the retention of juvenile traits into adulthood 5 The horse was thought to be saved from extinction by domestication 6 The term feral refers to a domesticated animal that appears wild 7 As a country becomes more developed the consumption of animal products increases 8 What is the evidence of a developed country High per capita income industrialized large gross domestic product long life expectancy 9 Which of the following is NOT a reason for inadequate food supply in developing countries a Lack of interest 10 Which of the animal product is seeing the greatest growth rate in consumption Chicken 11 One metric ton is equal to 2200 pounds 12 True or False Agriculture ultimately led to the population boom that the world is seeing 13 Agriculture systems across the world can be broken into 3 groups The primitive system still utilized hunter gatherer principles while the developed system is meant to turn a profit The subsistence system is for people to be able to sustain themselves 14 Which of the following DOES NOT have the same Kingdom Phylum Class Order and Family as the others a Horse 15 Match the animal with the correct genus B Horse F Cattle C Goat E Sheep D Chicken A Pig A Sus B Equus C Capra D Gallus E Ovis F Bos 16 Although the US produces more metric tons of beef than any other country which country actually has the largest beef cattle inventory Brazil 17 Sheep goat is one species where the US is NOT in the top 5 for inventory or production 18 China recently bought out a major US company This buyout secures China as the largest producer and consumer of pork 19 Which of the following is NOT a reason that Americans can eat cheap a High number of people in the continental US Quiz 2 1 In order to meet the maintenance needs of an animal we would feed a diet formulated for basal metabolism and normal activity 2 Which of the following vitamins in NOT fat soluble a A b D c E d C 3 Carbohydrates is the nutrient that comprises the largest portion of an animal s diet This nutrient is made of Carbon Hydrogen and Oxygen 4 In the proximate analysis of a feedstuff the ether extract would tell you the fat lipid content 5 Which of the following would be most difficult for a pig to digest a Cellulose 6 Lipids or fats contain 2 25 times more energy compared with carbohydrates on an equal weight basis 7 Match the feed ingredients on the left with the most appropriate definition on the right C Corn A Ryegrass B Alfalfa D Soybean Meal 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 A Cool season annual grass B Legume C Energy concentrate feed D Protein concentrate feed The abomasum is a part of the ruminant stomach that secretes HCl What is common to all maternal breeds of pigs White bodies What is common to all paternal breeds of pigs Areas of pigment color A good maternal pig not only give birth to large litters but has a large number of piglets weaned survive The term cold blood cold blooded refers to breeds of draft horses Horses are considered hindgut fermenters because they ferment food in the cecum large intestine which in the digestive process comes just after the small intestine If you wanted to plant a forage crop that would make the GREATEST yield which would you select a Corn silage With anaerobic fermentation involved in making baleage and silage there is the production of lactic acid which drops the pH and causes the forage to preserve Fertilization occurs in the ampullary isthmic junction In the cow when a heifer is born twin to a bull she is likely sterile and called a freemartin Below is a Pearson Square How many parts of corn would be required to balance to a 14 protein Corn with 10 protein 26 parts corn 14 SBM with 40 protein 4 parts SBM 19 If we look at the carbon footprint of ruminant animals the two main gases of concern are carbon dioxide and methane 20 The epididymis is located in close proximity to each testis and is responsible for the concentration storage maturation and transport of spermatazoa 21 Match the hormone with where it is produced released from A E D B C D A Progesterone LH GnRH PGF2 Oxytocin Testosterone A Gonad B Uterus C Posterior pituitary D Hypothalamus E Anterior pituitary 22 Match the following location label with the correct definition A Cranial B Dorsal C Ventral D Caudal A Towards the head B Along the back C Towards the underside D Towards the tail 23 Which animal would have the longest gestation period Mare Quiz 3 1 What term is associated with the strong herding instinct of sheep Gregarious 2 Zoonotic is the term given to a disease that is transmissible from animals to humans 3 What is the primary difference between the eating behavior of sheep and goats Sheep are grazers while goats are browsers 4 Pathology is the term given to the study and diagnosis of disease along with the tissues and organs associated with it 5 There are four steps for the vitality of infectious diseases The first is that the pathogen must enter its host What is the second Adapt and replicate in host 6 There are three main factors that contribute to the epidemiology of a disease called the epidemiologic triad The first two are Agent Factors and Host Factors What is the third Environment 7 Name one way in which an animal may acquire blood transfusion Colostrum blood transfusion 8 These cells are bone marrow derived lymphocytes and are the only cells that produce antibodies B cells 9 Which of the following would be an acceptable heart rate for a cow a 50 bpm 10 Scours is another more commonly used name for diarrhea in the livestock industries 11 USDA Customs APHIS State Vet is the name of a state or federal agency that regulates animal health and or medicine Which of the following would be a purpose of these state and federal agencies a Assist in the protection or welfare of particular groups of animals b Stop or slow the spread of disease across state lines c Keep foreign diseases out of the US d Eradicate selected diseases from the US 12 What is the term for a catalogue of

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