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Scientific Management

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Scientific Management


power point notes and lecture, no in class quiz

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University Of South Carolina-Columbia
Mgmt 371 - Principles of Management

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MGMT 371 Lecture 4 Outline of Last Lecture Theory X and the Fundamental Attribution Theory Theory Y Administrative Principles Fayol s Principles of Management Outline of Current Lecture II III IV V Fredrick W Taylor Scientific Management in the Political World Assumptions of Scientific Management Human Relations Current Lecture Scientific Management Fredrick W Taylor 1856 1915 Focused on the factory floor More productive people had a different sticky model of how much they should produce Set out to change this and make everyone more productive and efficient The One Best Way book about Fredrick Taylor s teaching Focused on the one best way to do a job and life Ex his golf club and tennis racquet Ex shovels too big or too small developed 21lb shovel Assumed that people are rational motivated by self interest o Therefore set up incentive schemes Saw the firm as having fixed resources the pie o Cant increase something without the expense of another unless the pie gets larger when it does everyone benefits stayed fixed Tool design time and motion study one best way training goal setting incentives rationally greater output larger pie Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Brick laying by frank Before motions were 18 and after there was 5 motions bringing bricks hour from 175 to 350 Scientific Management in The Political World Vladimir I Lenin and Frederick W Taylor In soviet Russia leaders eager to industrialize a mostly agrarian society in the 1920s embraced Taylors notions Assumptions of scientific management 1 One best way 2 Rationality 3 Fixed recourses pie Examples Roger Federer best tennis player ever now Jokovich is Roger uses one hand backhand vs Jokocich uses two hands So is there a one best way to do things When placed under a lot of pressure the principles don t always hol Hawthorn Factory Chicago during early days of telephone manufactured all of telephone lines in the US Scientific management people wanted to study them to refine principles o Ex illumination room lights

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