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Political and Economic Anthropology Presented by Abigail Atiwag Political and Economic Anthropology Political and economic anthropology delve into the structures dynamics and impacts of political and economic systems Here s an overview covering political systems economic systems and the anthropology of globalization Political Systems Comparative Politics Political anthropology examines political systems institutions ideologies governance models and decision making processes across different societies and cultures It compares diverse forms of governance from stateless societies to complex states Political Organization Anthropologists study political organization including kinship based systems chiefdoms states empires democratic governance authoritarian regimes and non state political formations They analyze power structures leadership roles political hierarchies and mechanisms of social control Governance Structures Political anthropology explores governance structures legal systems justice mechanisms political legitimacy citizen participation rule of law and the role of institutions in shaping political order and stability Power Relations Anthropologists analyze power relations social stratification political authority coercion resistance movements revolutions and dynamics of power negotiation and contestation within societies Political Activism and Social Movements Political anthropology examines political activism social movements grassroots organizing protests advocacy networks and collective action aimed at social change rights advocacy and political reform Economic Systems Economic Anthropology Economic anthropology studies economic systems production modes distribution networks consumption patterns and economic behaviors within cultural contexts It explores how societies organize economic activities allocate resources and generate wealth Subsistence Strategies Anthropologists investigate subsistence strategies including hunting and gathering pastoralism horticulture agriculture fishing and industrial production They analyze adaptation strategies food security resource management and environmental impacts of economic activities Trade Networks Economic anthropology examines trade networks exchange systems marketplaces barter economies gift economies and economic interactions between communities regions and global networks Market Economies Anthropologists study market economies capitalist systems informal economies labor markets entrepreneurship consumer culture commodification and economic transformations in a globalized world Economic Inequality Anthropology addresses economic inequality wealth distribution poverty social stratification class dynamics access to resources economic disparities and the impacts of economic policies on marginalized groups Anthropology of Globalization Cultural Globalization Anthropologists explore cultural globalization cultural exchange cultural diffusion global cultural flows hybrid cultures cultural diversity cultural imperialism and the impact of media technology and popular culture on cultural identities Transnationalism Anthropology of globalization examines transnationalism migration diaspora communities global citizenship cosmopolitanism transnational social networks and the blurring of national boundaries in a globalized world Global Flows of Culture Anthropologists study global flows of culture ideas commodities information technology capital labor and migration patterns that shape interconnectedness and interdependence in the contemporary world Cultural Hybridity Anthropology explores cultural hybridity creolization syncretism multiculturalism and the creative blending of cultural elements from diverse sources in globalized contexts Political and economic anthropology shed light on the complexities of human societies power dynamics economic systems cultural transformations and the impacts of globalization on social political and economic structures worldwide THANK YOU

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SLU SOC 120 - Political and Economic Anthropology: Perspectives on Power, Governance, and Exchange

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