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Applied Anthropology Presented by Abigail Atiwag Applied Anthropology Here s an overview of applied anthropology focusing on medical anthropology development anthropology and forensic anthropology Medical Anthropology Cross Cultural Perspectives on Health Medical anthropology examines cultural beliefs practices and systems related to health illness healing and well being across different societies and communities It explores how cultural factors influence perceptions of health healthcare seeking behaviors and health outcomes Illness and Healing Practices Medical anthropologists study diverse healing practices traditional medicine alternative therapies herbal remedies shamanism ritual healing and spiritual beliefs related to health and healing They analyze cultural constructions of illness disease causation and concepts of bodily and mental health Medical Systems and Healthcare Access Medical anthropology investigates healthcare systems medical pluralism healthcare disparities access to healthcare services healthcare delivery models healthcare policies and the social determinants of health Global Health Challenges Medical anthropologists address global health challenges such as infectious diseases pandemics nutrition maternal and child health mental health healthcare inequalities healthcare delivery in resource limited settings and the intersection of culture and public health interventions Development Anthropology Anthropological Approaches to Development Projects Development anthropology applies anthropological methods and perspectives to development projects initiatives and interventions aimed at promoting social economic and environmental development It examines the impacts of development policies programs and projects on local communities and cultures Community Development Development anthropologists collaborate with communities to facilitate participatory development processes community driven initiatives sustainable development goals and capacity building efforts They engage with local knowledge values needs and aspirations to support community development strategies Sustainability and Social Impact Assessments Development anthropology emphasizes sustainability environmental conservation natural resource management and social impact assessments of development projects It examines issues of land use resource rights livelihoods cultural heritage preservation and resilience to environmental changes Participatory Development Participatory development involves involving local stakeholders community members and marginalized groups in decision making processes project planning implementation and evaluation Development anthropologists promote participatory approaches to ensure inclusivity empowerment and sustainable development outcomes Forensic Anthropology Forensic Methods Forensic anthropology applies anthropological methods and techniques to identify human remains analyze skeletal remains determine cause of death estimate time since death and provide forensic evidence in legal investigations Human Identification Forensic anthropologists use skeletal analysis biological profiles dental records DNA analysis and forensic pathology to identify unknown individuals victims of crimes mass disasters and historical human remains Forensic Archaeology Forensic archaeologists excavate document and analyze crime scenes burial sites clandestine graves and archaeological contexts related to forensic investigations They use archaeological methods to recover and preserve evidence crucial for legal proceedings Applications in Legal Investigations Forensic anthropology contributes to legal investigations criminal cases missing persons investigations humanitarian efforts e g identifying victims of conflicts disasters human rights advocacy and providing expert testimony in court proceedings Applied anthropology bridges theory and practice applying anthropological knowledge methods and perspectives to address real world challenges promote social justice cultural understanding and improve human well being in diverse contexts THANK YOU

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SLU SOC 120 - Applied Anthropology: Practical Applications of Anthropological Methods and Knowledge

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