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Wellness Presented by Abigail Atiwag Wellness encompasses a holistic approach to health and well being focusing on physical mental emotional social and spiritual aspects of individuals It emphasizes proactive strategies and lifestyle choices to promote optimal health and quality of life Here are key aspects and topics related to wellness Physical Wellness Engage in regular physical activity exercise and movement to promote cardiovascular health muscular strength flexibility and endurance Adopt healthy eating habits balanced nutrition hydration adequate sleep and maintain a healthy body weight Mental Wellness Practice stress management techniques relaxation strategies mindfulness meditation deep breathing exercises and time management skills to reduce stress anxiety and improve mental resilience Seek counseling therapy or mental health support when needed Emotional Wellness Develop emotional intelligence self awareness self compassion positive self esteem and coping mechanisms to navigate emotions express feelings process grief manage anger build healthy relationships and foster emotional well being Social Wellness Cultivate social connections friendships supportive relationships and meaningful interactions with others Participate in social activities community events group activities volunteer work and maintain a sense of belonging and connectedness Spiritual Wellness Explore spirituality personal values purpose meaning and inner peace Engage in spiritual practices meditation prayer mindfulness gratitude exercises and connect with nature art music or cultural traditions that resonate with your beliefs and values Intellectual Wellness Stimulate your mind engage in lifelong learning intellectual curiosity creativity problem solving critical thinking and intellectual pursuits that challenge and inspire you Read books attend workshops take courses explore new interests and expand your knowledge Occupational Wellness Find satisfaction and fulfillment in your work career or chosen occupation Strive for work life balance set realistic goals manage job stress cultivate a positive work environment pursue professional development opportunities and align your work with your values and strengths Financial Wellness Manage your finances effectively budget wisely save for the future reduce debt plan for retirement and make informed financial decisions Seek financial education consult with financial advisors prioritize financial goals and develop healthy financial habits Environmental Wellness Promote environmental sustainability conservation eco friendly practices and responsible stewardship of natural resources Reduce your ecological footprint recycle reuse conserve energy support green initiatives and create a healthy living environment Holistic Wellness Practices Embrace holistic wellness practices that integrate physical mental emotional and spiritual dimensions of health Explore complementary and alternative therapies holistic healing modalities e g acupuncture yoga massage therapy aromatherapy and mind body practices that promote overall well being Preventive Health Care Prioritize preventive health screenings vaccinations regular check ups health assessments and early detection of health conditions Practice preventive healthcare behaviors disease prevention strategies and adopt healthy lifestyle habits to prevent illness and maintain wellness Health Promotion and Education Educate yourself about health topics wellness principles healthy living habits nutrition fitness mental health stress management disease prevention and self care practices Share health information empower others to make informed health choices and advocate for wellness promotion in communities Wellness Coaching and Support Seek wellness coaching health counseling or support from healthcare professionals wellness experts fitness trainers nutritionists mental health therapists life coaches and peer support groups to guide and motivate you on your wellness journey Personal Growth and Self Care Invest in personal growth self improvement self discovery and self care practices that nurture your well being Prioritize self care activities hobbies leisure interests downtime relaxation and activities that bring joy fulfillment and balance to your life Healthy Lifestyle Choices Make healthy lifestyle choices that promote overall wellness longevity and vitality Choose nutritious foods stay physically active get regular exercise manage stress prioritize sleep practice self care foster positive relationships and cultivate a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life By integrating these wellness principles and practices into your daily life you can enhance your overall health resilience happiness and quality of life Embrace a holistic approach to wellness that encompasses mind body and spirit and strive to create a balanced and fulfilling life that supports your well being in all areas THANK YOU

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SLU ECON 470 - Wellness: Holistic Approaches to Health and Well-Being

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