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Population Health Presented by Abigail Atiwag Population health refers to the health outcomes of a group of individuals including the distribution of health outcomes within the group It encompasses the determinants of health health behaviors healthcare access social and economic factors and environmental influences that impact the health of populations Here are key aspects and topics related to population health Determinants of Health Explore the factors influencing health outcomes including biological factors genetics age sex individual behaviors smoking diet physical activity social determinants education income employment housing environmental factors air quality water quality climate healthcare access insurance coverage healthcare services and public health interventions Social Determinants of Health SDOH Understand how social and economic factors such as income inequality education level employment status housing conditions social support networks access to healthy food transportation options and community resources impact health disparities and contribute to health inequities Health Behaviors and Lifestyle Factors Address health behaviors that influence population health including smoking cessation healthy eating habits physical activity promotion alcohol moderation substance abuse prevention safe sex practices preventive screenings vaccination uptake and adherence to medical treatments Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Focus on preventing and managing chronic diseases such as diabetes cardiovascular diseases hypertension obesity cancer respiratory diseases mental health disorders musculoskeletal conditions and neurological disorders through lifestyle modifications health education early detection and evidence based interventions Infectious Disease Control and Immunization Implement strategies for infectious disease prevention outbreak control vaccination programs immunization campaigns disease surveillance contact tracing infection control measures antimicrobial stewardship and public health responses to emerging infectious diseases e g COVID 19 Maternal and Child Health Promote maternal health prenatal care safe childbirth practices postpartum care breastfeeding support newborn screening early childhood development pediatric healthcare services childhood immunizations nutrition programs for children and interventions to address pediatric health disparities Mental Health and Well being Address mental health promotion stigma reduction mental illness prevention access to mental health services crisis intervention suicide prevention behavioral health screenings counseling services psychiatric care and community support programs for individuals with mental health conditions Aging Population and Geriatric Care Provide comprehensive healthcare services for older adults including geriatric assessments chronic disease management medication management fall prevention dementia care end of life care planning palliative care hospice care and supportive services for caregivers Health Equity and Health Disparities Address health disparities based on race ethnicity socioeconomic status geographic location gender sexual orientation disability status and other social determinants Promote health equity through policies programs and interventions aimed at reducing disparities and improving access to healthcare for underserved populations Community Health Promotion Collaborate with community stakeholders public health agencies nonprofit organizations schools workplaces faith based organizations and local governments to develop community health promotion initiatives health education campaigns health screenings wellness programs and community based interventions Environmental Health and Safety Address environmental factors that impact health such as air pollution water quality toxic exposures hazardous waste climate change food safety vector borne diseases natural disasters occupational health hazards environmental justice and sustainable practices for environmental health Healthcare Policy and Advocacy Advocate for evidence based healthcare policies public health legislation healthcare reforms access to affordable healthcare health insurance coverage expansion Medicaid expansion Medicare improvements healthcare workforce development and funding for public health initiatives Health Information Systems and Data Analytics Utilize health information systems electronic health records EHRs data analytics epidemiological surveillance health informatics population health management tools data visualization techniques and health outcome measurements to monitor population health trends track health indicators and inform public health decision making Global Health and International Collaboration Address global health challenges pandemics infectious disease outbreaks humanitarian crises health diplomacy global health partnerships international aid efforts capacity building initiatives cross border health initiatives and contributions to global health security Public Health Preparedness and Emergency Response Develop public health emergency preparedness plans response strategies for natural disasters pandemics bioterrorism threats infectious disease outbreaks mass casualty incidents public health communication plans risk communication strategies emergency response coordination and resilience building efforts By focusing on these key aspects of population health public health professionals healthcare providers policymakers community leaders researchers and advocates can work collaboratively to improve health outcomes reduce health disparities promote health equity enhance healthcare systems and create healthier and more resilient communities THANK YOU

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SLU ECON 470 - Population Health: Strategies for Improving Community Well-Being

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