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Public Health Presented by Abigail Atiwag Public health is a multidisciplinary field that focuses on improving the health and well being of populations through disease prevention health promotion health education policy advocacy and healthcare system improvements Here are key aspects and topics related to public health Epidemiology Study the distribution and determinants of health related events diseases and conditions in populations Conduct epidemiological research disease surveillance outbreak investigations data analysis and statistical modeling to understand disease patterns and risk factors Biostatistics Use statistical methods and data analysis techniques in public health research health surveillance program evaluation clinical trials health surveys epidemiological studies data interpretation and evidence based decision making Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Develop and implement health promotion programs disease prevention initiatives wellness campaigns behavioral interventions community education efforts and public health messaging to encourage healthy lifestyles reduce risk factors and prevent chronic diseases Health Education and Behavior Change Provide health education behavior change interventions counseling motivational interviewing and support services to individuals families and communities Address health disparities social determinants of health cultural beliefs and health literacy Environmental Health Address environmental factors that impact health including air quality water quality food safety sanitation waste management occupational hazards toxic exposures climate change vector borne diseases and environmental justice Occupational Health and Safety Promote workplace safety occupational health programs ergonomics hazard assessments industrial hygiene injury prevention occupational health regulations worker protections and occupational health surveillance Global Health and International Health Address global health challenges infectious diseases pandemics maternal and child health issues nutrition sanitation access to healthcare health disparities humanitarian crises international health policies global health partnerships and capacity building initiatives Health Policy and Management Analyze healthcare policies public health regulations healthcare financing health insurance systems healthcare delivery models healthcare quality improvement health technology assessments health equity initiatives and advocacy for public health policies Healthcare Systems and Services Evaluate healthcare systems access to healthcare services healthcare disparities healthcare delivery models e g primary care specialty care telemedicine healthcare workforce development healthcare financing models and healthcare reforms Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Develop strategies for infectious disease control immunization programs disease surveillance outbreak response infection prevention and control measures antimicrobial stewardship vaccination campaigns and public health emergency preparedness Chronic Disease Management Address chronic diseases such as diabetes cardiovascular diseases hypertension obesity cancer respiratory diseases mental health disorders musculoskeletal conditions and neurological disorders through prevention early detection treatment and management programs Maternal and Child Health Promote maternal health prenatal care safe childbirth practices postpartum care newborn care infant nutrition childhood immunizations early childhood development pediatric healthcare services and interventions to reduce maternal and child mortality Health Equity and Social Justice Advocate for health equity social determinants of health health disparities reduction health equity policies equitable access to healthcare services culturally competent care community empowerment and addressing social inequalities that impact health outcomes Community Health Assessment and Planning Conduct community health assessments needs assessments health impact assessments asset mapping community health planning stakeholder engagement coalition building and community based participatory research to address local health priorities Emergency Preparedness and Response Develop public health emergency preparedness plans response protocols disaster response coordination mass casualty management risk communication strategies public health communication campaigns and resilience building efforts in communities Public health professionals including epidemiologists biostatisticians health educators health administrators policy analysts environmental health specialists healthcare providers researchers and community advocates work collaboratively to address public health challenges promote health equity prevent diseases improve healthcare systems and create healthier and more resilient communities THANK YOU

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SLU ECON 470 - Public Health: Promoting Health and Preventing Disease

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