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Q01 d Q02 c Q03 c Q04 e Q05 b Q06 a Q07 e Q08 b Q09 a Q10 c Q11 public class Student private String name private GPA gpa public Student String name GPA gpa this name name this gpa gpa return gpa public GPA getGpa public void setName String n public boolean honorRoll GPA target name n return true return false else public String toString return name gpa return gpa compareTo target 0 if gpa compareTo target 0 if gpa getValue target getValue Q12 double bestInMonths double famCellBills int numCols famCellBills 0 length double bestBills new double numCols for int col 0 col numCols col double minBill Double MAX VALUE famCellBills 0 col for int row 0 row famCellBills length row if famCellBills row col minBill minBill famCellBills row col bestBills col minBill return bestBills

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NJIT CS 113 - Notes

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