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What is one thing you learned in the Lego lab?-It is important to write a specific protocol-It is important to distinguish between left and rightWhat is a Hypothesis?One of many possible answers to the research questionWhat is the average body temperature in (Celsius) and translate it into (F)37 degrees Celsius and 98.6 degrees FWhat is Biology?Biology is the scientific study of life and orgranismsWhat is Science?Science is a tool used to answer questions about the natural worldWhen/Where does scientific method/science "work" best?Works best when...We are asking questions and expecting answers in concrete material "CMW" countable,measurable, weighable world, the world of the senses or verified extensions of our senses.How might you make a Research Question more clear and precise?-Define-Describe-Clarify-Ask other researchersWhy is Peer Communicating mentioned in step 1 of the H-D scientific method?-Science is a social activity-Step 7 is useful in every stepProfessors name and email, website1. Steve [email protected] websiteOffice hours/location:Hours:-MW (12-1:30)-T/TH (10-11)Location: E213Class information:1. Class name/number2. CRN #3. Credit #4. What does the "IN" mean in BIO 156IN1. BIO 156IN Introduction to Biology for Allied Health2. 205063. 4 credits4. integrated version of the course with the lecture/lab taught

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