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A) What is the definition of biology?Biology is the scientific study of life and organisms.B) What is science?Science is a tool used to answer certain questions about the natural world.C) When/where does science/scientific method "work" best?Science is a tool that works best when we are asking questions and expecting answers in CMWworld. “During research and experiments”D) Why should you make sure that your research question is clear and precise?Starting with clear and precise Research Questions increases the probability of a clear andprecise answer.E) How might you make Research Questions more clear and precise?Define, describe, and clarifyF) Why is "peer communication" mentioned in step 1 of the H-D scientific method?Peer communication should actually occur in an informal way in every step of the H-D scientificmethod.G) What exactly is a hypothesis? Describe 2 properties of a good/useful hypothesis.- A hypothesis is one of the many possible answers to the RQ; it is tentative, educated answerto the RQ.- 2 properties: a) valid, it has to make sense. b) testable & it could make predictions about theCMW world.H) List 2 ways a hypothesis and a prediction are different.- a hypothesis is created before predictions are created.- a hypothesis is used to generate predictions.- a hypothesis is much more "general" than a prediction.I) What is the difference between a hypothesis and a theory?- A hypothesis is just one of the possible answers to the RQ.- a theory is one of the best hypotheses -it has tested and shown to be well-supported = itmakes true predictions about the CMW world.J) How do we decide if a hypothesis gets to "stay on the list of possible answers" or getsthrough thrown off the list?- If the hypothesis makes true predictions, it is considered useful and a "keeper".- If the hypothesis makes false, predictions, it is considered rejected and falsified; therefore itgets thrown

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