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P) Why is the metric system so much better than the English (imperial) measuring system?- internationally known- easy conversion, Powers of 10!- standardizedQ) What is the approximate weight of a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke?2 kgR) I read somewhere that Albert Einstein loved ice cream! Would he rather have 1 kilogram ofrocky road or 10,000 milligrams?- 1 kg = 1000 g- 10,000 mg = 10 g1 kg of ice creamS) In the centigrade temperature scale, what is the boiling point of water?100 CelsiusT) What is human body temperature in centigrade degrees?37 CelsiusU) How many English pounds do you weigh if you metric weight is 60 kg?60 kg = 132 lbsV) What is an atom or molecule? Why do biologists need to know about atoms and molecules?-Atom: fundamental building block of matter, formed by protons and neutrons in the atomicnucleus-Molecule: two or more atoms chemically bonded together- Biologists need atoms to know about atoms and molecules because all living things are madeup of atoms and molecules.W) Label the following terms from the smallest/least complex to largest/most complex.__ cell ___ ecological population __ atom __ organelle __ molecule ___ tissueAMOCTE1) atom2) molecule3) organelle4) cell5) tissue6) ecological

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