FSU HFT 3240 - Managing Service Organizations

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Managing Service OrganizationsTest 2Previous Career Tidbits:1. Regardless of what industry you are in, send a thanksgiving card if you’re going tosend a card. This is because not everyone celebrates the same holidays, for example Christmas and Hanukah. It is also good because you “beat the rush”, instead of being 1 of 25 cards you will most likely be 1 of 1. You also need to handwrite the card to make it more personal.2. The sunset policy is a policy she picked up from a guest speaker. This policy is ALWAYS every workday return all phone calls before sunset. This is good because you might forget, any later the person you are trying to contact may be busy with dinner or the time may be inconvenient, and a day can make a very big difference in the real world. Money is very important, and whatever the person is calling about is very important. You may not think something is extremely important it may be to the person you did not contact and they may be biting their nails all night. No matter how awful that phone call might be, you yourself need toget it over with.3. The Accountability DiamondMentor You MentorYou need to find a mentor. You need to find a superior to guide you. You also need to mentor someone that is younger and less experienced than you. Sororities have bigsisters and little sisters to mentor people. You also need colleagues to learn from. It could be in your major or someone in your organization.4. Always shower in the morning to be successful, not at night. If you shower at night you don’t look professional nor do you care about your image.9/17/13Career Tidbit: People, leaders, ought to spend 50% of their time leading themselves.STEPHEN COVEY, Ph. DBiography 1932-2012-Died in a biking accidentColleagues Colleagues-Loved outdoors-Lived in Utah-Lots of outdoor bike trails-Very balanced man-Good family life (7 children)-All over the world touring telling people of his concepts-Inspired Millions-Traveled the globe-Traveled telling people of his principles-Universal Principles-Some people may work over seas and in different cultures, what covey has realized is the principles are universal and are the same wherever you go-Principle Centered-Loved the outdoors-1 of the World’s Foremost-Leadership Authorities-His principles are timeless-The princ. Taught years and years ago still work-Organizational Experts-Thought Leaders-How to lead by organizing your thoughts*Time Mag Most Influential Americans-On the cover of tons of magazines-Ex: not from this country, educational magazines-“Take the time for deep reflection about what is important. Most people will acknowledge that they neglect their health, their family, and even their integrity in the name of what is urgent-and not important.”-3 Constants in Life ON TEST(These will always be with us)-Change-You change from college student to graduate to professional etc.-Choice-We all have choices in life (ex. Food brands)-Principles-For the most part we have set principles that will always be there (ex: school, workplace)-Covey’s Sets*Timeless and Universal-The Mind Set-The Skill Set-The Tool Set-5 Emotional Cancers ON TEST-Criticizing-Complaining-Comparing-Competing-Contending-“If the ladder is not leaned against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.”-“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”-Wrote four or five books-Co-founded Covey and Franklin Covey publishing house-They do workshops-Several sons have gone into the business-Attended good schools and collegesWHAT IS PROCESS EXCELLENCE A PRIMER-Walmart Secrets Video-They try to make prices as low as possible making the most profit-How do they make prices so low?-Walmart was one of the first to really realize how important the barcode is-They couldn’t manage without it-It has a super computer-Walmart-Thousands of items with barcodes-They know what’s in stock what has been sold-It orders more stock and the shelves are full again the nest day or night*Needed to know about the inventory ordering system-How do you build excellence into these systems?-ex: Such as the one Walmart has with their barcodes-Create Process System (Pg 10)Example PB&J Sandwich (Restaurant that only sells PB&J’s)WHO STEP DECISION POINTWaiter/Server First-Take OrderWaiter/Server 2. What type of Bread?Waiter/Server 3. Smooth or Crunchy PB?Waiter/Server 4. What Kind of Jelly?Waiter/Server 5. What Side?-Decided what the First Step is and then what the Last Step is-A decision point might be something that the waiter has to decide-ex: Customer wants burger “passed over the flame” but you know you can not make it that rare, so you make a decision and ask him if he would like something else because it is not possible to make his order the specific way he wants itWHO STEP DECISION POINTWaiter/Server 6. Turn in orderCook 7. Make SandwichCook 8. Cut the sandwich?Cook 9. Put side on plateWaiter/Server Last-Serving to Customer9/19/13Building Process Excellence-Call for Greatness-“The call and need of a new era is for greatness. Tapping into the higher reaches of human genius and motivation requires leaders to have a new mind-set, a new skill-set, and a new tool-set.” –Covey-Mind-set, skill-set, tool-set video-Without these leaders won’t survive-The call today is for leadership greatness-Becoming a great leader happens during your journey-Mind-set-Mediocre Leader: Everything is so dependent on me.-Great Leader: Enduring success is in the systems.-Skill-set-Six building blocks of process excellence-Tool-set-Process-Excellence builder-Video Worksheet: success is in the systems-Success is built into the systems-Soccer Success University of North Carolina-Best Players-Training environment way harder than the games-The games are the vacations-Measure everything-Posted on bulletin board-Motivates players’ cause they don’t want to be on the bottom of the list-Mold the system to the girls (players)-Talent is sometimes overrated; they pick players based on character and self-discipline, self-belief, competitive edge-A part of something bigger then just themselves-What systems did Anson Dorrance have in place?-System of accountability-Each person is accountable for the team’s success-Great connection with his players (sent an individual player a note to encourage)-What role did systems play in his team’s success?-Won multiple championships (won 18 of 25)-One star player

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FSU HFT 3240 - Managing Service Organizations

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