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Chapter 5: Know each company and what they did for employees and customersBoost your employee OQ• Employee OQ important for customer OQ because it leads employees to make it a better place to work and a better business• Front line employees are the most important to have a high OQBright Ideas program at Baptist Health Care• Employees suggest ideas to improve the company• Save $20million over five years• Shirts/buttons saying “I own Baptist”• Employees given incentives and rewardsFairmont Hotels & Resorts, Fairmont Dog• Offers hotel pets for guests to relax and de-stress• Couple named puppy Fairmont which allows free advertisingWegmans Food Markets• “Happy People Period”• Happy employees result in happy customers• DVD of orientation given to employee to show familyJob Value• Fair boss and fair raises/hiring process• Opportunity to learn and develop personally, sending employees abroad (Wegmans)• SAS offers mini education courses for employees• Reasonable compensation• Working with winners, surround yourself with balcony people who reach down for you and help bring you upValue for employees• Capability to deliver value for customers + quality of work life 1 ÷ Total Income + Access CostCreating cycle of capability• Employees win by delivering value for customersProducing loyalty leads to:• Higher productivity• Lower costs, referrals by employees/customers• Higher satisfaction, commitment, and ownershipStart with selection process1. Hire for attitude2. Train for skills3. Broad personal developmentMost critical steps for creating a cycle of capability, successful companies follow all steps in order, reinforcing the sense of ownershipHire for Attitude• Find potential owners• Candidate screening with research based tools• Panel or group interviewing• Realistic job previews• Employee self-selectionHarrah’s candidates shadow high OQ employees for an hour to see interaction, up side and down side of the jobOrient for Values• First impressions count• Baptist Health Care orientation, “Baptist Traditions”• Tell values and mission of the companyTraining for Skills• Training is an investment• Wegmans’ “Learning University” personalized programs• Rackspace Hosting Program, certifications and personal developmentFostering Long-term employee development• Challenging job assignments • Career development is about moving across the organizationsSelect and train customers to enhance employee OQ• Select the right customers who share the same core values• More likely to appreciate customers products and services• Support systems and proper technology are required• Paying attention to employee’s needs: ex: workspace design, SAS child careDesign support systems for winners• Implementing technology: the double edge swords• Must be benefit to both employees and customers• Technology for automated tasks, used to expand and help jobs, not take overOffer latitude within limits• Understand the scope of authority• Aces in your places from Taco Bell and Harrah’sHiring for attitude• Managers should spend time and money now to hire the right people• Harrah’s realistic job preview: one hour shadowing program for potential employees• Wegman’s will orient new employees at HQ• BHC two-day culture experience to show how it’s differentSAS long-term development, on site classes for employeesWegman’s personal developmentAches in your places, latitude within limitsEncouraging internal referrals, final link in cycle• Employees refer people like themselvesChapter 6: Engineering Ownership Through Anticipatory Management Try to anticipate the customers’ and employees’ wants and needs, Bratton NYPD• Predict and respond to needs and they arise• Creates an active enterprise such as Harrah’s selling event tickets or predicting guests needsCoordinates capacity and demand using cross-functional teams (management working together)• Marketing, Operations, HR, ITHarrah’s Entertainment Total Rewards Program• Seven star, diamond, platinum, and gold• Anticipate guest desires due to past experiencesDevelop a community of owners around shared interests• Internet has spawned communities of people with shared interests• Commercial organizations use the power of networking and customer affinity programsHarrah’s harvest the reward data such as gender, age, and preferences (demographic information) as well as games played and money spent on each visit and game• Most valuable customers are middle aged, local people with discretionary time and income who play slotsInitial problems with the rewards program• Could not differentiate from competitors• Different rewards at different properties• No consolidation incentivesTotal rewards program• Start internally in order to attract the right customers with the right employees• Profit and revenue growth and market share are key components Maxine Clark built Build-a-bear workshop from scratch• Participative experience for both children and their parents• Naming station to name bear• Built a community to keep receiving information to market directly to customers• Loyalty program and interactive virtual world1. Communicate strategy2. Position employees to win3. Creative anticipatory management systems that link and drive valuea. Marketing, Ops, HR, IT3 Practices to exceed customer expectations1. Communicate strategya. Combine technology with marketing, HR, operations, and IT2. Position employees to wina. Latitude within limitsb. Up to date technologies3. Anticipatory managementa. System that links and drives value for employees customers and investorsHarrah’s, David Norton• New approach to segmentation, data mining, and direct marketing• Putting to use information requires training• Devise new way of obtaining life time value of customerso Based on how much they spent at Harrah’s, not actual income amount• Coordinating operations, marketing, human resources, and IT to act on predictive intelligence • Leaders in engineering ownership use intelligence from cross-functional database and design operations to exceed customer expectationsDelivering customized on the spot value at Harrah’s • John Bruns built operating system to delight customers and lead satisfaction assurance Expedite but not exclude at Harrah’s, Seven star and diamond customers onlyTargeted players satisfaction survey (TPSS)• Bonus linked to

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