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TEST 1 BOOKTERMSBOOK TERMS Monroe Doctrine (Introduction 3) - anit imperialist groups were led by Senactor Carol Schurz, writer Mark Twain, and newspaper editor E. L. Godkin, were more interested in bettering America’s domestic institutions than acquiring territories-Godkin fought against the acquisition of Santo Domingo because he declared that country had 200,000 “ ignorant Catholic Spanish Negros”- Americans colored their realistic drive for imperialism or empire with idealistic labels emphasizing “destiny, progress, and the spread of civilization”Manifest Destiny (Introduction 4)Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo (Introduction 5)Alfred Thayer Mahan (2)- His writings on sea power influenced thinking of German, Japanese, and Americans, but mainly Theodore Roosevelt.- Also called for bases, expanded commerce, and an isthmian canal.Senator Henry Cabot Lodge (R-Massachusetts) (3)- Declared in 1895 “ the great nations are rapidly absorbing for their future expansion and their present defense all the waste places of the earth. It is a movement, which makes for civilization and the advancement of the race. As one of the great nations of the world”- He warned “ the U.S must not fall out of line of march”Cuba and the Yellow Press (3-5)- It was encouraged by the warlike jingoes and the sensationalist news stories carried by burgeoning- The recon centration camps soon fell prey to a major development in the U.S news reporting team “yellow journalism”- William Randolph Hearset bought the struggling “ New York Journal” and prepared to challenge New York World for top circulation in the country.- Hearset hired Fredric Remington to go to Cuba to bring back drawings of the war of his own. He couldn’t locate the war and Hearset said” you furnish the pictures and I furnish the war”- Spain emerged to the yellow press as the stole perpetrator of atrocity in Cuba, arousing strong sentiment for the U.S intervention to ensure the islands independence.- Hearst paper set the tone by describing “Weyler the soldier….the brute, the devastator of haciendas, the destroyer of families and the outrage of women … pitiless, cold, an exterminator of men”- Pulitzers newspaper “blood on the roadside, blood in the fields, blood on the doorsteps, blood,blood,blood!- Hearsets journal picked up a story about a Cuban girl named Evangelina Cisneros, who was thrown into prison allegedly after fending off the advances of her male Spanish captors. Thousands of American women appealed for help by signing apetition and dismissing the Spanish Minister claim that Hearset had fabricated the story.- A reporter of Hearset's finally wen to Havana and freed her by sawing through the jail bars and disguising her as a boy and brought her to the U.S.- Washington D.C and New York city ‘s madison square garden hosted great receptions in her honor- Missouri’s mockingly suggested that Hearset send 500 reporters to liberate the entire island.- Spanish officers search 3 Cuban women suspected to be carrying rebel mail packets and it was Remington’s fabricated sketch of a nude female standing before leering Spanish officers. Remington said “ Does our flag protect women?”- Investors had lost 50million dollars in sugar and tobacco production and in iron and manganese mines and other enterprises and trade between the countries had reached as high as 100 million dollars in an exceptional year.- A large number of daily newspapers from both political camps became allies in denouncing Spanish oppression and urging reform.Valeriano Weyler (4-5)- Feb. 1896 Spain’s new captain general, sought to destroy the rebels rural quarters by dividing the island into districts and establishing recon centration centers.- Surrounded barbwire all around the north and west side of Cuba and anyone refusing to go along was shot.- He became known as “BUTCHER” OR “WOLF” because he led to a widespread of hunger and disease that took lives of mostly women and kids and a large amount of CubansBoxer Rebellion (26) - Hay ignored the Russians response and announced in march 1900 that the powers unanimous decision to respect the Open Door had made the policy statement “final and definitive”- Chinas problems did not end with Hay’s Open Door pronouncements: depending on the eign involvement ultimately led to an outbreak of fierce nationalist resistance against outsiders - The Manchu dynasty would finally collapse in 1911, was incapable of defending its homeland.(IHOCHUAN= “ Righteous and Harmonious Fists”)- Armed themselves with spears and swords and led insurrection against foreigners now isolated in legation section of peeking.- Hundreds of missionary’s and Christian converts fell in the bloody rebellion, as the boxers allied with imperil solders and apparently encourage by the Manchu government, laid on siege on the foreigners now isolated in the legation section of peaking.- The U.S decided to take action when other powers prepared to send troops to save Peeking (BRIATAIN, FRANCE, GERMANY, JAPAN, RUSSIA ALL TOGETHER HAD 15,000 TROOPS)- July 1900 urged respect for that nations “ territorial and administrative entity” and called the interested powers to “ safeguard for the world the principle of equal and impartial trade with all parts of the Chinese Empire”- The open door did not save china because of mutual distrust among the interested powers held them all at bay.- The U.S policy toward china lightened the impact of the boxer rebellion on the growth of foreign influence in the country-Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty (37-38)- After the new republic had received U.S recognition, it appointed BUNAU-VARILLA as “Envoy Extraordinary and Minster Plenipotentiary” to initiate treaty discussions aimed at granting rights to build, fortify, and operate transoceanic canal.- Panama government sent Amador and two others to complete the treaty in Washington- Had instructions forbidding BUNAU VARILLA from agreeing to any terms that endangered Panamas Sovereignty- He was not allowed to draft any treaty with out three emissaries ”you will proceed in everything strictly in agreement with them”- But neither the instruction nor the three Panamanians arrived on time, so BUNAU VARILLA had taken the treaty to his hotel room revising the terms to make them more attractive to the U.S senate.- A few hours before they had arrived in the capital BUNAU VARILLA and HAY had signed the treaty.- It guaranteed the U.S a

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