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MTH 234 Exam 2 November 23, 2015Name:Section: Recitation Instructor:READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS.• Do not open your exam until told to do so.• No calculators, cell phones or any other electronic devices can be used on this exam .• Clear your desk of everything excepts pens, pencils and erasers.• If you need scratch paper, use the back of the previous page.• Without fully opening the exam, check that you have pages 1 through 9.• Fill in your name, etc. on this first page.• Show all your work. Write your answers clearl y ! Include enough steps for the grader tobe able to follow your work. Don’t s k ip limits or equal signs, etc. Include words to clarifyyour reasoning.• Do first all of the problems you know how to do immediately. Do not spend too muchtime on any particular problem. Return to difficult problems later.• If you have any questions please raise your hand and a proctor wi ll come to you.• There is no talking allowed during the exam.• You will be given exactly 90 minutes for this exam.I have read and understand the above instructions:. SIGNATUREPage 1 of 9MTH 234 Exam 2 November 23, 2015Multiple Choice. Circle the best answer. No work needed. No partial credit availab le.1. (5 points) Parameterize the part of the plane 6x + 3y + z = 12 that li e s in the first octant.A. r(s, t) = h6s, 3t, 12 −s − ti with s ∈ [0, 2] and t ∈ [0, 4 − 2s] .B. r(s, t) = hs, t, 12 − 6s − 3t i, with s ∈ [0, 2], and t ∈ [0, 4 − 2s].C. r(s, t) = hs, t, 12 − s − ti with s ∈ [0, 2] and t ∈ [0, 4].D. r(s, t) = hs, t, 12 − 6s − 3t i, with s ∈ [0, 2], and t ∈ [0, 4].E. None of the above.2. (5 points) Which of the following vector field plots could be F = xy i − y2j?A. B.C. D.Extra Work Space.Page 2 of 9MTH 234 Exam 2 November 23, 20153. (5 points) Let F =x2, xy, 3z. Which of the following is true?A. curl F = y and div F = 3x + 3B. curl F = y and div F = h2x, x, 3iC. curl F = h0, 0, yi and div F = 3x + 3D. curl F = h2x, x, 3i and d iv F = yE. None of the above.Fill in the Blanks. No work needed. No parti al c re dit available.4. (5 points) Write the spherical equation, ρ = cos φ, in rectangular coordinates.5. (10 points) Convert the integralˆ1−1ˆ√1−y20ˆx0(x2+ y2) dz dx dyto an equivalent integral in cylindrica l coordinates.ˆθ2θ1ˆr20ˆz20dz dr dθwhereθ1=θ2=r2=z2=Extra Work Space.Page 3 of 9MTH 234 Exam 2 November 23, 2015Standard Response Questions. Show all work to receive credit. Please BOX your final answer.6. (10 points) Let f(x, y, z) = x ex+ yz2.(a) Find ∇f at P0(0, 2 , −3).(b) Find the derivative of f at P0in the direction of the vector A = 2 i − j + 2 k.7. (14 points) Let f (x, y) = x3− 12xy + 8y3. Find and classify each criti c a l point of f as a local minimum, alocal max imum, or a saddle point.Page 4 of 9MTH 234 Exam 2 November 23, 20158. (12 points) Sketch the region of integration for the integral below and evaluate the integral by reversing theorder of integration.ˆ10ˆ1ysin(πx2) dx dy9. (12 points) Evaluate the integral below.ˆ20ˆ√4−x2−√4−x21p1 + x2+ y2dy dxPage 5 of 9MTH 234 Exam 2 November 23, 201510. (12 points) Find the volume of the part of the sphere ρ ≤ 2 t ha t lies between the cones φ = π/4 and φ = π/3.11. (12 points) Find the area of the surface z = xy that lies inside the cylinder x2+ y2= 4.Page 6 of 9MTH 234 Exam 2 November 23, 201512. (12 points) Find the work done by the force F = h4y, −2xi alo ng the straight l ine segment from (2, 8) to (1, −2).13. Let F = (2 + 2xyez) i + x2ezj + x2yezk and answer the questions below.(a) (6 points) Find a function f so t ha t ∇f = F.(b) (6 points) Let C be any path from (2, 1, 0) to (3, 0, 1). E valuate the integralˆC(2 + 2xyez) dx + x2ezdy + x2yezdzPage 7 of 9MTH 234 Exam 2 November 23, 201514. (14 points) Let E = {(x, y, z) |1 ≤ y ≤ 4, y ≤ z ≤ 4, 0 ≤ x ≤ z}. Rewrite the triple integral below as aniterated integral and evaluate.˚Ezx2+ z2dV15. (10 points) Use Green’s Theorem to evaluate the line integralˆCF · dr. Here C is the circle x2+ y2= 4positively oriented andF(x, y) = h3y − cos y, x sin yiPage 8 of 9MTH 234 Exam 2 November 23, 2015Please have your MSU student ID ready so that is can be checked.When you are completely happy with your work please bring your exam to the front to be h an ded in.Go back and check your solutions for accuracy and clarity. Make sure your final answers are BOXED.Congratulations you are now done with the exam!DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE.Page Points Score2 103 204 245 246 247 248 24Total: 150Page 9 of

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MSU MTH 234 - Exam 2

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