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4/18/22, 1:21 PMSyllabus – Spring 2022-KIN 249-Sport & Modern ...https://compass2g.illinois.edu/webapps/blackboard/execute/content/blankPage?cmd=view&content_id=_5716081_1&course_id=_62832_11/8 Orientation Module Course Information SyllabusHSyllabus KIN 249 - SPORT & MODERN SOCIETY Course SyllabusCourse InformationCourse DescriptionCourse ObjectivesRecognize and articulate competing definitions of "sport" and "modern society"Create logical arguments for a particular position, definition, theory or hypothesisCritically analyze popular representations of sport(s)Understand and discuss intersecting oppressions, including issues of race, class, disability, gender,and sexualityRequired Texts and FilmMandelbaum, The Meaning of Sport: Why Americans Watch Baseball, Football and BasketballAll other readings are in a digital course reading packet available through the UIUC bookstore athttps://uofibookstore.redshelf.com/book/1624357/kin-249-fall-2020-course-packet-1624357-9781647748104 Do not worry that the packet says 2020, readings are the same for 2021/22.Office Hours and EmailFrom bog snorkeling to the rodeo, WWE to bodybuilding, sports help define the contours of nations,identities and bodies. In this course, we will examine the ways sport and society impact one another.Throughout the semester we will look at and beyond the traditional American sports of football, baseballand basketball. One of our goals will be to examine the cultures that produce and proliferate from sport. Todo so, we need first to distance ourselves from commonly held assumptions and definitions. We will beginwith questions of definition: What is "modern society"? When did it arise? How did it change the way wework, play, challenge our bodies and measure achievement? What is sport? What kinds of activities aredefined as "sports"? Why, when and by which cultures? We will then move on to questions of mediarepresentation: who are the icons of sport? Why? What roles do danger, violence and sex play in thepopularization of sport? How do technologies like television and print media participate in the creation anddistribution of certain ideologies? What roles do race, class, gender, sexuality and disability play in ourconceptions of athletes and sport? How are national images tied to sporting events and teams? Ourreadings will be diverse and drawn from several sources: the popular press, academic journals, non-fictionjournalistic accounts, and even science fiction.At the completion of this course, students will be able to:Required course materials are available at the campus bookstore & include the following:Please purchase your course packets ASAP so that you have the readings for Lesson 1/Week 1 beginningon the first day of class. My Illinois Compass 2g Content CollectionNicholas Wong4/18/22, 1:21 PMSyllabus – Spring 2022-KIN 249-Sport & Modern ...https://compass2g.illinois.edu/webapps/blackboard/execute/content/blankPage?cmd=view&content_id=_5716081_1&course_id=_62832_12/81. Your messages are important to me, but I will not be able to respond immediately. Please allow atleast 24-48 hours for a response. If I receive your message on a Friday, you can expect an answerby the following Monday. Before emailing me, please make sure the answer to your question is notalready covered in this syllabus, if the information can be found here, you will likely not receive aresponse.2. If you have questions concerning basic material in the course, post them to the course "Q & ADiscussion" to see if a classmate can help; I will check these questions periodically during theweek.3. Please use my primary email address ([email protected]).4. Please be sure your email message includes your last name "KIN 249" and your "DiscussionGroup" in the subject line.AttendanceIllinois Compass 2g & Course CommunicationImportantIf you have a question about the course or the content, please post a question to the CourseQ & A forum. Posting questions there allows everyone to benefit from the answer. Mostlikely, other students also have the same question.Review Course Q & A board before you post your questions. It is very likely somebody elsehad the same question, which was answered already in the discussion board. Late Work, Medical and Personal Emergencies; Bereavement; Religious ObservancePlease be diligent about asking questions for clarification. Feel free to schedule an appointment via email. Iwill do my best to accommodate your requests.Some important notes about email messages:This course is structured around participation and discussion online in your discussion groups;class depends on your scrupulous and conscientious attention to the assigned reading. I expect youto be active and energetic participants. Timely completion of reading assignments is required and crucialto your success in and enjoyment of this course.A Compass 2g site has been created for this course. All course-related communication is facilitated throughCompass. All course documents will be available through Compass. You are expected to check Compassdaily for all course-related materials, including announcements and course schedule changes (the scheduleis subject to change). All documents will be posted prior to the scheduled required due date. Grades andthe evaluation of course materials will also be posted on Compass.The discussion board on Compass is the students' primary mode of communication, to ask instructors anyquestions and to ask each other questions about course content.Instructors will not respond to discussion board questions that ask about due dates, assignmentinstructions, or any other piece of information that is available to the student through the course Compasssite and related documents. Students are required to read materials and resources available on Compass.PLEASE NOTE, THIS COURSE DOES NOT ACCEPT LATE WORK and will be graded as 0/not accepted ifturned in past the deadline unless validly documented to the instructor by official university protocoloutlined below. My policy is intended to help your understand the importance of deadlines and timemanagment. Understand that this class often has 500+ students and the policy is outlined to ensurefairness to all students in the course.Excused absences from required course assignments must meet the criteria outlined in the Class AttendancePolicy in the Student Code of Conduct: If you have a pressing matter, contact me as soon as possible. Do notwait until weeks after the fact to tell me about your

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