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Nicholas WongMr. HaugenKIN 2494/17/22Lesson 6 DiscussionA nice way of calling the violent sport that Murderball is would be Quad Rugby. Theactual name people call it is Murderball, where a group of men form teams to play WheelchairRugby. Since Murderball is violent with disabled men, the audience is expected to respond to thesport with sympathy. People come to observe the game of Murderball in the film Murderball andhear some people screaming "oh no don't hit him, don't hit him." Since the men are inwheelchairs, it indicates how the audience perceives the men as helpless. People began to pitythe disabled men as some members shared their stories regarding how they got injured. Later inMurderball, the audience responds to disability as a way of relieving stress. They see a lot ofcompetition to become the best and how entertaining Murderball is. Disabled people are capableof doing things they enjoy. Once people get to observe a couple games they will cheer, "they startcheering and screaming: Come on! Hit him harder", as shown in Murderball. Like everyone else,disabled people also have normal lives. Jay Coakley utilized social worlds to describe the way oflife people associate activities with relationships in Lecture 6.3. A lot of commitment is shownby the disabled men as they play out in the court and get themselves going.Since disability is just a word, Murderball does change the audience’s beliefs. Disabilityis described as "the loss or limitation of opportunities to take part in the normal life of thecommunity on an equal level with others due to physical and social barriers" in Lecture 6.2.Disabled people can be independent. The disabled men’s injuries is actually what forms a bondbetween the men, not just cause of Murderball. Regarding this bond about the disabled men’sinjuries, they described it as part of subculture. Since the disabled men look out for each other, itseemed like they all had a brotherhood. Sports keep the disabled men going further in life andprovides them with something to engage and participate in the film Trans World Murderball. Thedisabled men discussed how they can go out in the world and do things knowing they did notlose everything. When they are out on the court playing something they are capable of doing,they have a piece of themselves. Murderball is a sport that provides second chances.Reference ListHaugen, M. (2022) Disability Studies. Lecture 6.2Haugen, M. (2022) Disability and Sport. Lecture

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