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Brady Anderson Thames ARH 2000 10 17 2021 Course Reflection 1 I enjoyed almost all of the Your Visual World assignments but one of them has especially stood out to me so far Your Visual World Visual Elements of Art Architecture has by far been my favorite module out of all of them With this one I thoroughly enjoyed the process of choosing a piece of artwork and making it my own The assignment asked me to pick one of two works by Swiss artist Paul Klee and turn it into my own original masterpiece While doing this I was able to analyze the work and figure out how I could turn it into something creative and unique which caused me to be extremely engaged in the assignment This activity was the perfect thing that was needed to help me grasp the concept of the unit the unit focused on the visual elements of art and by analyzing a painting and figuring out how I could make it my own I was able to truly understand the visual aspects of art I feel as though this module was the most engaging and allowed me to use my creativity more than any others which is why I chose this to be my favorite module My favorite course review of the two was obviously course review 1 since it most directly correlated to my favorite Y V W module In this course review I was able to not only test my own creativity but the creativity of other students I loved being able to compare my semi original masterpiece to those of other students In this course review I was asked to compare and contrast the visual elements of the original works that myself and other students created from Paul Klee s works I really was curious as to how my peers approached this assignment the way they treated the piece of artwork that they chose and the way that they chose to make it their own Some made very simple modifications to the original work and others made changes that were so drastic that you could barely tell that the original work was hiding under the surface That was the part that I appreciated the most about this assignment which is why I chose it as my favorite

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FSU ARH 2000 - Course Reflection 1

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