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Question 11/ 1pts1) Clothes do not indicate or signal any information regarding the wearer.TrueFalseQuestion 21/ 1pts2) The costume designer should never read the script before designing the show.TrueFalseQuestion 31/ 1pts3) The costume designer's first meeting with the director is at the dress rehearsal.TrueFalseQuestion 41/ 1pts4) Costumes should indicate the time period and location of a play.TrueFalseQuestion 51/ 1pts5) Frequently, the costume designer will distinguish the major characters by dressing them in distinctive colors, in sharp contrast to the other characters.TrueFalseQuestion 61/ 1pts6) Costumes can underline important divisions between groups; for example,two feuding families would be costumed in different colors.TrueFalseQuestion 71/ 1pts7) The only important element of costume design is that the costume looks good; nobody cares if it makes it difficult for the performer to dance or perform stage combat.TrueFalseQuestion 81/ 1pts8) Quick costume changes are also frequently called for in theatre. Tear-away seams and special fasteners are used so that one costume can be ripped off quickly and another put on (often with the assistance of dressers.)TrueFalseQuestion 91/ 1pts9) Sometimes a newly constructed costume is turned over to a design assistant for the purpose of distressing, to make it look weathered or worn.TrueFalseQuestion 101/ 1pts10) The lighting designer, scenic designer and costume designer all work independently in a production to create their own unique style.TrueFalseQuestion 111/ 1pts11) To choose a costume from an inventory owned by a theatre company or costume warehouse is called:pinchselectpullbuildQuestion 121/ 1pts12) To create a costume from scratch in a costume shop.conjurebuildweavespinQuestion 131/ 1pts13) Technicians who sew all of the costumes for a production are called:stitcherstailorselvesstefanoesQuestion 141/ 1pts14) Technicians who pattern, pin, and drape the fabric to fit the actors in a production.pinnersdrapersnicolaoesshapersQuestion 151/ 1pts15) Hats, walking sticks, jewelry, purses, and parasols all fit into this elementof costume design.the thrift store boxtrimsaccessoriespropsQuestion 161/ 1pts16) Material attached to renderings which indicates the texture and color of the fabrics to be used.swatchespatchesaccessoriesshape17) Pick the four elements a costume designer works with:persuasioncolorsocial engineeringline, shape, and silhouetteaccessoriesflash

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PHSC THE 1000 - Quiz 6

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