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1) Why do we tell stories?To teach.To entertain.To share our valuesAll of the previous answers are correct.Question 21/ 1pts2) It is easy to define art, because everyone agrees on what is beautiful.TrueFalseQuestion 31/ 1pts3) Art is selective because the artist chooses what to communicate (the message) and how to communicate it (the method).TrueFalseQuestion 41/ 1pts4) Photography is an example of a literary fixed art.TrueFalseQuestion 51/ 1pts5) Poetry is an example of a literary fixed art.TrueFalseQuestion 61/ 1pts6) Sculpture is an example of a visual fixed art.TrueFalseQuestion 73/ 3pts7) Match the type of art to its definition.Performing Arts    Fixed Arts    Mediated Arts    Question 81/ 1pts8) If there is no audience for a performing arts event it is only a rehearsal.Events that change and are transitory.Do not change, like architecture frozen in time.Transitory performances captured or recorded through the use of other media.TrueFalseQuestion 91/ 1pts9) Characters onstage never speak their inner thoughts aloud to the audience.TrueFalseQuestion 101/ 1pts10)Most people, understand that in theatre art; our minds manage two seemingly contradictoryfeats simultaneously; on the one hand, we know that animagined event is not objectively real, but at the same timewe accept it completely as fantasy. Samuel Taylor Coleridge called this:insanitychildhoodthe willing suspension of disbeliefthe Othello complexQuestion 111/ 1pts11) Your theatre experience will be shaped by your background and expectations.TrueFalseQuestion 121/ 1pts12) Broadway is where you find the famous large theatre district in downtown Tampa, Florida.TrueFalseQuestion 131/ 1pts13) Off Broadway started in the 1950's as an alternative to costly Broadway and the theatres usually hold fewer than 200 seats.TrueFalseQuestion 141/ 1pts14) When going to the theatre you should always arrive late.TrueFalseQuestion 151/ 1pts15) At the theatre, the bathroom is where the audience waits for the show tostart.TrueFalseQuestion 161/ 1pts16) Don't talk to other audience members during the theatre show.TrueFalseQuestion 171/ 1pts17) Never laugh in the theatre.TrueFalseQuestion 181/ 1pts18) A critic is someone who observes theatre and then analyzes and comments on

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PHSC THE 1000 - Quiz 1

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